The Secret of Everything by Barbara O’neal

After I enjoyed ‘How To Bake a Perfect Life’ by Barbara O’neal, I sought out another of her stories– ‘The Secret of Everything’– and was not disappointed. In fact, if I HAD to choose, this latest one is my favorite of the two–however, I don’t have to choose so– hey you, go read them both 😉
*I really enjoyed the characters–I say that a lot I know, but to me they make up so much of  any book’s enjoyment, the plot needs to be believable and good, but the characters make the story. Liking the characters or at least seeing where they’re coming from…it’s everything.
*The mystical connections Tessa finds tingling her senses…sounds, smells, sights… I have a particular affinity for such and this book is full of well turned phrases and descriptive moments. For example:
  • ‘The air smelled of heat and dust and something elusive and familiar she could taste on the roof of her mouth.’
  • ‘Sometimes a moment was enough. A moment was a place you could live.’
  • ‘Life came at you like a hurricane and you did what you could with whatever it blew into your hands, good and bad.’

Check it out, tis a good story