A BlackBerry Called JARVIS

Oh my BlackBerry how do I love thee, let me count the ways!
I’ve mentioned here before about how I am a BlackBerry junkie (specifically one named JARVIS), but just let me tell you why I adore this gadget o’ mine.
Things I Really, Really Like About My BlackBerry(in no particular order beyond following my random thoughts as I type):

*Multi-message media– meaning I can have fast access to emails, text messages, Facebook messages or status updates and even various messengers such as Yahoo and MSN if I were so inclined. I mostly use the text messaging and email, leaving Facebook stuff to the Facebook app. My messenger days have passed but my teenagers use them on their BlackBerrys.(BlackBerries??)
*Tether- with the purchase of a Tether app, I can now plug JARVIS into my laptop for instant Internet access just about anywhere. This is handy when my flaky-out-in-the-boonies broadband Internet connection acts up, especially when I’ve a deadline looming–or need a few moments of Zuma Blitz or PathWords ASAP. Priorities, ya know! I also found the Tether handy when traveling recently, I was able to finish up a deadline and submit it while riding shotgun down the interstate. Sweet.
*Otter Box Commuter Case- as seen in the picture above, this case simply a perfect fit, feels great, hampers nothing and protects on the many times rare occasions that JARVIS has gone a bit awol and hit the floor/ground. And it’s red. I love red.
*MemoPad- I use this core app (meaning it came on the device) daily, several times a day. I keep my grocery list there, my to-do list, writing bits n bobs…you name it. I set one of the convenience keys as the MemoPad and can open it with one click.
My teenage-writer son’s response to ‘What do you like best about your BlackBerry?’:

‘The MemoPad, WordToGo (Microsoft Word), my music, the fact that I can check my forums and…you know…everything else’
And there you have it, folks, just a few reasons why our family is a buncha BlackBerry junkies.