Once Upon a Tuesday Morn…

Here’s a few great reads I thought y’all might enjoy–two of them are brand-new releases, one today and one tomorrow 🙂


*For fans of clean romance and those who like romantic suspense, Shirlee McCoy’s Protection Detail is a wonderful read–I bet you’ll fall in love with Gavin and Cassie from the very beginning, just like I did.




*I’m celebrating Bella Andre’s Sullivan Series as we finally get Adam’s story tomorrow–I’m so excited!  I *love* the Sullivans and can’t wait to read this latest one. If you’ve not read this series, or not read them all, you’re in for a treat every time!




Today’s much-anticipated release is Jill Shalvis’ Still the One, AJ and Darcy’s story. This one is the latest in Jill’s Animal Magnetism series–mercy, I can hardly keep up with all the great series I want to read!



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Read a Romance Month: Page Three

With August being proclaimed Read a Romance Month, I’ve kept right along reading my favorite genre–as is my usual habit–and have had the additional pleasure of finding new-to-me authors to read along the way. I’m always open to new authors, but confess to most often seeking out more books by authors I already read and enjoy. I think any avid reader does that–loves the favored but is willing to explore a bit.


A couple of those new-to-me authors I’ve discovered this month are Kim Law and Julia London—I’d heard of both here n there but hadn’t read any of their stories as of yet. I’m so glad I remedied that! (While Facebook is clearly far from perfect, I do have to credit it for my learning of both of these authors.)

I opened Kim’s Ex on the Beach and found myself reading the entire book in one sitting—well, nearly one sitting as I had to get up and refill m’tea glass once.

As is my habit when finding a book I enjoyed so, I went looking for other books by Kim and now have a nice new stack added to my TBR. Next up is Sugar Springs. Check out Kim’s page and see what might catch your eye—I know twas worth if for me!


Definitely me…without a doubt!

Julia’s Homecoming Ranch was another one I didn’t want to put down until the end—and there’s a Return to Homecoming Ranch awaiting me as I type *happy reader dance*

A bonus to discovering both of these authors was finding their books available free for members of Kindle Unlimited–which, by the way, I have found to be a worthy investment for me. Of many subscription services I’ve tried, this one is the first one I have kept past the free trial period as I have had no trouble finding books to add to my TBR stacks.

How about you—discovered any new-to-you authors lately? Do share…


Read a Romance Month: Page One

**I have expanded this post in detail here–check it out 🙂 **

Apparently August is ‘Read a Romance Month’ out in the bookish world. Who knew?!?


Being that romance novels are a particular favorite of mine, this is my world most every month/week/day. That being said, I figured ‘Read a Romance Month’ is as good a time as any to talk about favorite books and authors that fall into the romance genre.

In my experience, romance novels range from stories that focus on the developing relationship and include some of the world around the couple involved to quick-fall-in-love-and-lust-stories that steam up the page/screen. I typically like them all at some time or another, depending on my current reading mood.

My favorite series of all time falls into romance and a whole host of other genres at the same time: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. All eight books—yep, you read it right…eight books. *sigh* I can’t do the saga justice, but will say that I think the story of Jamie and Claire, and all that is them, is epic. Simply epic. outlander

Nora Roberts/JD Robb is another particular favorite of mine. I’ve enjoyed her books time and again—the romances, the series, the stand alone novels. Some I love, some I like, all I’ve enjoyed. There are far too many to name, but off-hand my favorites include the In Death series (JD Robb) and the Irish Born In trilogy. Eve and Roarke from the In Death series rank as number two on my all time favorite fiction couples list–just behind Jamie and Claire.

Those two authors had to be acknowledged and forever documented (yet again and will be again). Top o’ my list, they.

Most recently, I’ve been devouring fun, what some call ‘beach reads’, that are let’s wrangle-this-attraction-despite-complicated-lives-and-make-happily-ever-after stories:

Bella Andre—The Sullivans series. So many interesting characters.

Christie Ridgway—I started with the Beach House #9 series, so good.

Shannon Stacey- The Kowalski family is fun, loving group to follow.


Are you a romance reader? What pages have you been turning lately—do tell?