Penmuggles, LOL and Google Chrome

I read the Internet as avidly as any book, for there is always a plethora of wonderful articles sprawled across websites that are just one click away–then another click and…

Without further ado(which is amazing in itself as I tend to have big ados), here are a few links I found interesting, informative or funny upon recent clicks:

*Laugh Out Loud funny– I am NOT typically a fan of creepy things, but for some reason this link was hilarious. The first one with the picture is the best–I’m laughing just telling you about it.You must see it for yourself, really:

*For my writer friends or those who love us and tolerate us, this article about ‘penmuggles’ is such an apt description:

*Having long ago left Internet Explorer behind as my computer browser, I finally suffered one too many Firefox ‘hangs’ and crashes and gave Google Chrome a try. I love Google everything else, why not a browser?? Well, let me just say Google Chrome ROCKS! It’s faster, smoother, has great options such as pinning tabs to keep them open(which is great for Facebook or Twitter–or both).There are also a bunch of great extensions or apps/add-ons–whatever you want to call them–for Chrome as well. This article lists 10 free Chrome apps geared for those who spend a lot of time working on their computers:

So go forth and click–do let me know if you laughed, learned or enjoyed!