Luuucccyyyyy!?! And A Happy Ending.

I have long been an ‘I Love Lucy’ fan, identifying with her well meaning endeavors gone awry–especially in my married life. That Husband o’ mine cannot watch the ‘I Love Lucy’ show on tv without shaking his head and muttering something like ‘Peas inna pod, I say’–referring to my penchant for Lucy-like mishaps and fix-it escapades gone wrong.

While–thankfully–I’ve never lost him a job or missed a boat I was supposed to be on, I have been known to attempt a fix or two that didn’t turn out as expected. Like the kitchen faucet that worked fine until I fixed a leak but broke a handle in the process or the truck tire that needed air and ended up flatter than it was when I started. Of course, I still say those things were NOT my fault but mere results of poor craftsmanship, age of said item or badly given directions.

As a tribute to my Lucy-ness, a few years ago that Husband o’ mine purchased a picture just like this one and it now hangs in our downstairs bathroom (where the decor is in the ‘whatever funny thing we bring home’ theme). It makes him laugh to himself every time he looks at it, for he is oh-so-often kissing me while laughing and saying “It’s okay, Lucy, I’ll fix it.” Of course, that’s after the possible freak out in which he might rant a bit–in English, though. I say possible freak out because over the years the freak outs have mostly turned to sympathy at my well-meaning attempts. Yeah.

The recent celebration of Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday and marathons of the iconic ‘I Love Lucy’ show reminded me that, even though the real life marriage of Lucy and Desi was tumultuous and did not endure, the fictional Lucy and Ricky Ricardo always managed to love and laugh with all being well at the end of the day. Ya know…that’s all I need around these parts–love, laughter and a happy ending.