Tuesday Tip: Fridge Notes and Great Reads

Tuesday Tip:

As a food-loving person(the word foodie just doesn’t do it for me, y’all) who is largely self-taught in the kitchen, I’m always reading great food blogs and gleaning all kinds of  practical and useful tips–not gourmet stuff per se–(although there IS that in abundance as well)but everyday application stuff.

This particular post from Home Ec 101 was a timely one for me, as I’d noticed recently that my fridge temp seemed to be different depending on the specific spot in said fridge. This post, entitled ‘Learn Your Refrigerator’s Zone’ told me that this is a common issue and how to deal with it.

I read this book in one sitting–granted it was Sunday afternoon and those are known for being long and gloriously relaxing around this house–but I didn’t want to put the book down. I wanted to know what happened next in the story of Annie Adams.
I really can’t put my finger–or words as the case may be–on it, but this book made me sigh contentedly when I finished it. Maybe it was Annie, maybe it was her description of looking for ‘home’, maybe it was Griffin…likely it was all of that and more all tied together in a sweet story.
I am currently delighted with ‘The Most Beautiful Walk in the World: A Pedestrian in Paris’ by John Baxter. Just completely delighted–will tell more when I finish reading it, o’ course.