Read a Romance Month: Bonus


I decided to put a specific spin on the book challenge I’ve been tagged in on Facebook  a couple times lately and thought it’d be fun to post it here as well. In a last hurrah celebration of this year’s Read a Romance Month, I’m going to expand on this past post and list 10 a buncha romance books/authors I’ve enjoyed, remembered and sometimes even re-read. Yes, it’s an excuse to talk about Jamie and Claire, yet again…and Nora Roberts books..and…

*Outlander by Diana Gabaldon— the book, yes, but also the entire eight book series. Jamie and Claire *sigh* are the sterling couple of the romance book world, the measuring stick all fictional relationships aspire to. I never tire of reading about their world.

 *The In-Death Series by J.D.Robb-the alter ego of Nora Roberts (see next in this list). Each book is a compelling romance mystery story as super cop Eve kicks ass while super thief-turned-billionaire Roarke pursues and cares for her. Roarke’s devotion to Eve is as good as it gets in the romance book world–just after Jamie’s devotion to Claire in the above mentioned Outlander series.


*Born-In Trilogy by Nora Roberts— I read anything Nora writes and usually enjoy every story. The Born In Trilogy was my first Nora re-read. Upon that re-read, I realized the reason why I particularly liked this story was the friendships–not just the couple’s relationship. Nora has a beautiful knack of showing deep friendships among the characters, giving off a warm, inviting feeling, a true feeling of family.

 *Beach House No. 9 series by Christie Ridgway--each of these books focuses on one of a trio of battered war weary men–a journalist/writer, a combat medic and a photojournalist–and the women who find themselves wanting to bring these guys peace at home. No place better for love than Beach House No. 9.

 *Sugar Springs Trilogy by Kim Law-a small town scene where three couples find their way to forever love despite–and maybe even because of–small town gossip and lack of privacy. Pure fun, all three of these.


 *Seasons of Love series by Jennifer Gracen–a four part series that follows a story of finding a new love and learning to trust again. I adore Sam and Lydia’s story and eagerly await the next installment. Two of the four books are out and two are highly anticipated, coming soon!

 *The Sullivans series by Bella Andre-each book follows the story of a Sullivan family member as they find their own happily ever after. The family connections are as much fun to read about as the evolving of the couple’s relationship.


*The Kowalskis by Shannon Stacey-Fun and engaging, the Kowalski family plays hard and loves deeply. Each story is a treat.

The list could go on and on, but these series make up a big list of great stories, so I’ll stop there for now. I hope you’ll check out some of these for your next romance reads–if you haven’t read them already. Do come back and tell me how you liked them!

 As always, I’d love to hear about what you’re reading lately. (comment here or pop over to Facebook and join the conversation!)



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Read a Romance Month: Page Three

With August being proclaimed Read a Romance Month, I’ve kept right along reading my favorite genre–as is my usual habit–and have had the additional pleasure of finding new-to-me authors to read along the way. I’m always open to new authors, but confess to most often seeking out more books by authors I already read and enjoy. I think any avid reader does that–loves the favored but is willing to explore a bit.


A couple of those new-to-me authors I’ve discovered this month are Kim Law and Julia London—I’d heard of both here n there but hadn’t read any of their stories as of yet. I’m so glad I remedied that! (While Facebook is clearly far from perfect, I do have to credit it for my learning of both of these authors.)

I opened Kim’s Ex on the Beach and found myself reading the entire book in one sitting—well, nearly one sitting as I had to get up and refill m’tea glass once.

As is my habit when finding a book I enjoyed so, I went looking for other books by Kim and now have a nice new stack added to my TBR. Next up is Sugar Springs. Check out Kim’s page and see what might catch your eye—I know twas worth if for me!


Definitely me…without a doubt!

Julia’s Homecoming Ranch was another one I didn’t want to put down until the end—and there’s a Return to Homecoming Ranch awaiting me as I type *happy reader dance*

A bonus to discovering both of these authors was finding their books available free for members of Kindle Unlimited–which, by the way, I have found to be a worthy investment for me. Of many subscription services I’ve tried, this one is the first one I have kept past the free trial period as I have had no trouble finding books to add to my TBR stacks.

How about you—discovered any new-to-you authors lately? Do share…