Before I met that Husband o’ Mine, I had never seen a James Bond movie. Years later, I must admit a certain appreciation may have developed.

I have especially enjoyed Pierce Brosnan as Bond…which might have had a little something to do with my love of The Thomas Crown Affair movie with Brosnan and Renee Russo–okay a lot to do with it. (one of my very favorites…right up there with Dirty Dancing…I know!)

While I am not a Daniel Craig fan when it comes to looks (I am almost ashamed to say I cannot get past those sticky out ears, y’all), I did really enjoy the latest in the Bond saga, Skyfall. I admit that Craig’s face can do those tortured expressions very well…

The storyline of Skyfall–splendid, most intriguing character history and lots of room for the iconic James Bond’s next adventures.

Are you a Bond fan, an observer turned appreciator like me or could care less? Do tell?