I Love Eggs…

*sings* ‘I love eggs, from my head down to my legs…’

Y’all remember that commercial jingle from a few years ago–okay A LOT of years ago?  Ya know the one *sings again* The Incredible Edible Egg? If so, you’re welcome for the song now stuck in your head. If not…well, whether you remember it or not, we’re moving on here–still talking about eggs, however.

I have always liked eggs but have not always had luck in cooking them. It’s a bit of a downer  for me to cook an egg only to have it not quite turn out like I expected and thus ending up as the dawg’s breakfast.

Good for him, not so much for me. (see cute dawg over there <<)

Still I cook eggs, usually sticking to scrambled since they're That Husband o’ Mine’s preference and not nearly as easy to mess up as say, my favorite, the over easy egg.

My personal favorite way to eat an egg is an Egg-In-A-Basket. I discovered this style once upon a time at a Cracker Barrel (yum) and have sorta kinda duplicated it from time to time. Rarely perfect, sometimes good enough, but still I persevere because  *sings*  I love eggs.

Thanks to Ree’s spot-on recipe, I now can make myself a right good egginnabasket and do so often–so simple and so delicious MMmm.

Picture from The Pioneer Woman Cooks

In the last few weeks I have endeavored to perfect my egg making skills, wanting to reduce the dawg’s egg breakfasts and increase my own enjoyment.

See, eggs are odd for me. I love them (sparing you the singing this time), but am funny about them. Over easy eggs must have lovely runny yolks but firm whites–NO slimy whites! *shudder*

This is a common problem for me, perfect yolk yet the white is not quite done…*bigger shudder*.

Alton Brown to the rescue with–I kid you not– A Guide to Eggs!  I saw this guide to eggs in the recent issue of Food Network magazine then sought out the link online to share–it’s life changing for those of us who love eggs, I tell ya!

photo by David Malosh/from Food Network

Thanks to Alton’s Over Easy Eggs tips and tricks, I have enjoyed the p-e-r-f-e-c-t eggs lately! I shall continue to enjoy said eggs many times in the future, of this I am certain.

For those of you out there who might be like me, lovin’ eggs with your cooking of eggs not quite measuring up to your perfect egg standards, trust me when I say these two links are IT! Go forth, cook perfect eggs and ENJOY my friends!

Program note** I have collected some DELICOUS ways to cook my beloved eggs in recent days. You must come back soon to tell me about your egg experiences and check out my latest egg adventures. ** End note

Dust and Cobwebs and Sneezes…Oh My!

Whew…this is one dusty blog space, huh?!?

Life has been a wonderful, insane ride around here these days—a ride upon which joy abounds and yet some things go flying off or at least fall into dusty, neglected corners–you know this ride?  I’m enjoying family, cooking, writing, reading, becoming a Blackberry junkie…among many other things on this ride these days. That being said, let the freshening up of this space commence today! (opening wide those windows, sweeping out cobwebs…)

*windmills seen on a recent fall drive...I had no idea these were less than 2 hours from our home...


Mentioned on this blog or not, I’m always reading something. I hope you’re enjoying good book, magazines and the like these days—there’s so much out there to read!  I’d love to hear what you’ve been reading lately. My latest reads have been magazines, most recently the latest issues of The Saturday Evening Post and Food Network Magazine—must check out those Thanksgiving recipes, ya know!

In addition to my magazine fixes, I have the latest J.D. Robb to pick up later today. I’ve been waiting for this one since I read last May’s release of Fantasy In Death.

If you’ve a mind to do so, click over to my articles page where I’ve listed a few places you can find other things I have written online–check back often, tis a work in progress as I love to write about as much as I love to read– and do so often!