From Fantasy to Parenting: Bold New Reads

Author Toby Neighbors has published a new ebook novel entitled ‘The Other Side’ on Smashwords that is perfect for fans of ‘life after death’ fantasy type stories. Toby’s imagination brings to life a very real battle between good and evil through the eyes of Alex Napleton, a twelve year old boy who has just died of cancer. Alex literally wakes into death to the sounds of battle, swords ringing and angels shouting. He is given the choice of moving on to heavenly peace or remaining as an angel in the fight against the dark side. Alex learns how strong and powerful he can be while defending light and laughter against evil forces. Go forth and grab your copy of The Other Side, available NOW at Smashwords–tis a story full of rich imagery and great detail–the sights and sounds clear to the reader with every word.

The author of this little ebook–a mom of four kiddos aged ten and under (three of them stairstep boys)–does a bang up job of showing how considerate parenting in the moment is worth the struggle. She talks about how true parenting is so very much more than corralling and controlling the rumpus all while acknowledging that there are some days that feel like you’re merely surviving to weather the next crisis.
Jessica offers up real life examples rather than just preaching ‘this is how it’s done’ to parents. She confesses to her own struggles, to her own knee jerk reactions while showing alternatives that are gentle yet effective.
Parenting Wild Things is available TODAY at Parenting Wild Things –go grab your copy and embark upon a journey that will bless you and your wild things!
**full disclosure: I received a copy of both of these ebooks in return for a review–my opinions, however, are my own**