Eggs and More Eggs

As I mentioned in a recent post, I love eggs and have run across some great recipes starring eggs. Most of the time eggs are considered breakfast foods but I fix them any time of day at all. In fact, it seems to me that many folks I know do the same thing–rarely do breakfast foods stay breakfast only foods. This is a good thing–good food anytime!

My very favorite way to eat eggs is some variation or other of eggs on toast(yes, I’ve mentioned this I’m sure). These recipes are some of the most delicious ones I’ve come across lately.

 My current favorite recipe is this one by Ree. It’s no secret that I enjoy many of Ree’s recipes and have for several years now. This particular one is also found in her latest cookbook.  These days I often tweak recipes to better suit what I have on hand or a particular taste I’m looking for. I didn’t do this early on in my cooking from scratch adventures, but it does come over time.

With this breakfast spread recipe of Ree’s, I used sourdough toast(thank you StepMomma o’ mine) and added an over easy egg on top for extra goodness after the quick broil. I don’t have a picture because I don’t really plan my food posts–they just happen as I’m smitten.

I confess that I have not actually tried this next recipe–in fact, I’ve never tried soft boiled eggs before–but since it’s from Deb over at The Smitten Kitchen, I know it will be stellar. Go, click…just look at that toast…those eggs…*sigh* Yum. By the way, have you seen her son?!? A-d-o-r-a-b-le and no doubt edible!

Gratituous MacDawg pic

From the same place, The Smitten Kitchen, I give you a fried egg sandwich with bacon and blue cheese. While I’m not a blue cheese fan, y’all go look  at this sandwich!
I admit that these are all variations on egg n toast, but oh what deliciousness they hold–the pictures alone are motivating, are they not?
If you’re an egg n toast fan, I think you’ll enjoy these recipes tremendously. Do tell me your favorite ways to eat an egg!

One Small Step for Home Cooking, One Giant Leap for My Kitchen

I sure do talk about food a lot in this space for someone who is not a food blogger, don’t I? As I’ve said before, I’m far from a gourmet chef, yet I AM a smitten home cook.

I so enjoy the craft and especially enjoy the results–not just eating them but sharing them with my family. I strive to make delicious foods I know they will enjoy and let their eyes roll along with the audible mmMMs.

My learning to cook mostly from scratch happened as suddenly as a popcorn kernel in sizzling oil *POP*  

One day about eight years ago( what is it about time flying so fast??) I realized I had everything I needed to get past a steady supper menu of Hamburger Helper and frozen chicken nugget type things (*cringe* I know). A job related move happened suddenly to our family and upon a wing and a prayer with two dimes in our pockets, we moved. In an effort to survive that period between paychecks with no planned moving savings at the time, it hit me that with the Internet and a couple of cookbooks already on hand I could feed my family not only better but so much cheaper.

I had to get past not having a Kitchen Aid mixer or a big kitchen with ample space to scatter, had to see that this type of cooking is organic and has been around since the very first meal on this planet–wwaayy before mixers and counter space.

Following that epiphany, I went to the Kmart (yep, I said Kmart) to buy a big mixing bowl and a wooden spoon, heralding my new venture.  It was an event, y’all, I kid you not–my kids still recall that evening eight years ago when I declared better cooking ahead in the aisle of Kmart. Thus began my kitchen adventure that has become a long term, amazing lifelong quest for simply good home cooking in my kitchen.

My son went through a period–okay it’s a lifestyle–where all he wanted to eat was frozen pizza. 

There it was right in front of me: my nudge to learn how to make a rockin’ homemade pizza that he now prefers over anything else most of the time.  Most Sunday afternoons we make a few pizza crusts for the freezer and he’s set for the week.

My girlie now loves homemade mac n cheese at least as much as she loves Kraft–that’s saying something, y’all. That Husband o’ mine thankfully simply loves good food and appreciates any and all efforts I make in the kitchen. Those are the things that matter to me above all else.

As I’ve grown and learned along my cooking healthier, better foods for us, I’ve become a huge supporter of home cooking. While a few less-than-ideal food do make it onto our pantry/into our fridge from time to time, I figure once in awhile isn’t so bad in comparison. I believe that with a bit o’ planning and some fun family time in the kitchen, we can eat healthy and delicious all while feeding our souls with some priceless memories of the family kitchen.

What’s cooking in your kitchen?

On This Sunday

Sundays are home n hearth days around here, regardless of the season. On Sundays during the w-i-n-t-e-r season, we cook good food, watch a game or a movie together, sometimes play a card game or two, I always read quite a bit in there somewhere as well as work the crossword puzzle–the overall point is to relax and rejuvenate.

Today I’m in the kitchen a big part of the day, as I’ve plans to do a bit of cooking up to make good, hearty meals easier on days when the stuff of life takes us away from the kitchen either mentally, physically or both. Yes, this is relaxing to me as I cook, talk with my teenagers and that Husband o’ mine amid a ball game or reading a book as I work…ah, Sundays.

Over there is a snapshot of my scribble whiteboard I jotted a few things on so I wouldn’t have to look my list up on the my phone with kitchen hands(not that I don’t do that rather often as it is). I’ve added boiling eggs and a couple more things to the list since I snapped the pic.

Washing and chopping salad green or boiling eggs  may seem like an easy chore, but when I’m amid writing or taxi-ing a teen somewhere, having those greens ready to toss into my bowl and top accordingly means the difference in a healthy, sustaining lunch or a crash later in the day where I feel terrible and get nothing accomplished. It has taken me 40 years to learn this n some days it still doesn’t stick ~shrug~

I’m one of those cooks that when I find a recipe we like, I typically don’t mess around or experiment with it after that. However, I ran across John Besh’s recipe for stuffed peppers recently–SUCH a good book, more on that sometime. This recipe has the added bonus of a bit of cinnamon. Cinnamon in a savory dish is not something I’ve much experience with.

Thanks to some feedback from friends regarding cinnamon and savory cooking as well as the fact that I really like Chef Besh and many of his other recipes, I’m going to give it a go.

What are your habits of a Sunday, do tell?

Gold Rush

**this post is brought to you by my love of butter, real…creamy…sweet…golden…buttaahh**

So it’s no secret that I’m a food lover. Not only do I like eating  food, I enjoy preparing food, learning new things about cooking and ingredients, I even like reading cookbooks. Yeah, I’m one o’ those.

Because of my Italian heritage and growing up in a home where Italian bread was a staple, good bread is a love o’ mine.The fresher the better–crispy outside, soft n fluffy inside–mmMM Italian bread rocks, especially fresh with a smear of sweet n creamy salted butter. *sigh mmMM*  

As a result of this love and the effort not to eat a loaf a day(ppfftt on that idea, really), I’ve begun to really, REALLY appreciate my moments of bread n butter. That–plus I just love my bread n butter– led me to seek out the absolute best bite or three of butter I possibly can put on my divine piece of bread.

All of that to say I’m on a butter quest. I’m asking every one I know, tweeting Food Network stars, stalking the sites of  food bloggers/writers and otherwise being a nuisance about butter. What I learn I shall share–once I’m finished testing and experimenting. I know. Oh the hardship of seeking sweet golden butter.

So tell me, have you discovered a  sweet, rich tasting butter? I’d love to hear about it!