Weekend Clicks: Round ‘Em Up, Mash It Up, Spin It Out

My girlie’s baby kitty Rico is as soft as he looks!

I hope you enjoy your weekend, that you intentionally notice the moments–for we often don’t notice how special those moments are until they become memories.

For your reading pleasure, here are a few links made me smile, made me think or caught my attention in some way:

*This cookie will be made in my kitchen very soon. My Grandma used to always make plain, delicious shortbread around the holidays. She’d put it all over the house in candy dishes and cookie tins and offer it to any of us who came in the door. I’ve made shortbread around here in the past but these folks don’t enjoy it as much as I do. This cookie recipe might be the perfect marriage of my sweet memories and their taste buds. Here’s to hoping!

*I am a devout believer in a slow lane life and this article about slowing down makes so, SO much sense. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, it really is up to us how those hours are spent.

*Have you ever seen such a sight as this??  Rather breathtaking in a way, is it not? Seeing that led me to fact checking if it is real (it is–oh wait, everything on the Internets is real! *snort*) and led me to find these.  Who knew?!?

*In my pursuit of living a healthier lifestyle, I have learned that this body simply must have protein and lots of it. Here is a great list of fast n easy protein snacks–many I hadn’t thought of. Protein for the win! o/

*And last, but far from least, pictures just to make you smile. Some of these are priceless!

Happy, Happy Weekend!