Nightstand: May Edition

Reading, reading, always reading!

I always enjoy the What’s On Your Nightstand carnival/meme/thing each month over at 5 Minutes For Books–so fun to glean good book ideas and have some great conversation along the way. Whilst this one happened last Tuesday, I’m just now posting–plenty of reading have I been doing, and most of it OUTSIDE!! Whoot–bring on SUMMERTIME!!

Let’s see…I’ve read lots…

Third Degree by James Patterson was my library book club’s pick for this month–I didn’t vote for it but I did read it. Twas a fast read, really. I’m not sure how much ‘discussion’ it will garner–well, discussion about the book itself anyway–but we’ll see.

Charming Billy by Alice McDermott–I really liked this one, I couldn’t help but love Billy. I also read Child Of My Heart by that same author and was not disappointed. Of the two, Charming Billy was my favorite. I shall write a post on what I liked about both of these soon.

A Day In The Life Of Italy is a big photography book that I brought home from the library that I want for my coffee table. 100 of the world’s leading photojournalists took pictures on the same day–April 27, 2000–in various places in Italy. The book starts with shots taken in the morning and progresses throughout the day…the writings about each picture are short but so informative. Wonderful book.

(My house at twilight on a warm summery eve)

The YadaYada Prayer Group by Neta Jackson was a good read–I plan to check out the others in that series.

Strangers by Anita Brookner is a book that I spotted at the library, on the new releases shelf. It was…odd yet interesting. I had to finish it, had to know what happened…yet it wasn’t a page turner, per se. Does that make sense?? The main character is an old man who finds himself at loose ends in the years after retirement, the story about how he connects with people and how he takes steps to revitalize his life. I don’t regret this read at all…twas just…odd…and I’m not sure why. I might ponder that…might not….~shrug~ It IS summertime!!

Short Stories have I read…many, many short stories from books and magazines. I have noted a few that I really liked, thinking maybe a post on those alone would be fun. Short stories are a particular passion of mine these days. I’ve subscribed to a magazine or two just for that reason.

~Happy Summertime and Happy Reading!!