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Three of my favorite authors have brand-new books! This, coupled with my fresh library stack, has me planning to read and read some more all day today—oh wait, that’s my plan everyday! 😀


Barbara O’neal  is one of those writers I enjoy so much that I buy her books just because she writes them. I look forward to each story she writes, knowing I’m going to fall in love with the characters, with their compelling and imperfect lives that include meaningful connections with family and friends. Barbara is interactive and fun to chat with on Facebook, always talking about something interesting in daily life. An interesting person makes for interesting stories, in my opinion. Her latest release The All You Can Dream Buffet promises to be an exceptional story and I cannot wait to read it!3DAllYouCanDream-216x300

Fallen Beauty is another new release I’m excited about. I read Erika Robuck’s Hemingway’s Girl awhile back and really liked it. I’ve read a lot about Hemingway in the past, being a fan of sorts, and this Hemingway-inspired book was a beautiful read. Fiction, yet clearly something that could likely happen in Hemingway’s world. I’m looking forward to reading Fallen Beauty, about the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, and expecting an intriguing story that sets my imagination aflame.

Last, but far from least, I’m eagerly anticipating reading The Moon Sisters by Therese Walsh. Therese is active in social media, connecting with her fans, thus bringing us to care about her and about her stories. The Moon Sisters has been compelling me since I first heard about it—I can’t wait to get a copy!


Are you reading any new releases you’ve been waiting for? Do tell me about them–in the comments here or join the conversation over on Facebook–I love to hear from you!

You know where to find me, my friends>>> right over there in my sunny spot, book/phone with Kindle app in hand.


The Secret of Everything by Barbara O’neal

After I enjoyed ‘How To Bake a Perfect Life’ by Barbara O’neal, I sought out another of her stories– ‘The Secret of Everything’– and was not disappointed. In fact, if I HAD to choose, this latest one is my favorite of the two–however, I don’t have to choose so– hey you, go read them both 😉
*I really enjoyed the characters–I say that a lot I know, but to me they make up so much of  any book’s enjoyment, the plot needs to be believable and good, but the characters make the story. Liking the characters or at least seeing where they’re coming from…it’s everything.
*The mystical connections Tessa finds tingling her senses…sounds, smells, sights… I have a particular affinity for such and this book is full of well turned phrases and descriptive moments. For example:
  • ‘The air smelled of heat and dust and something elusive and familiar she could taste on the roof of her mouth.’
  • ‘Sometimes a moment was enough. A moment was a place you could live.’
  • ‘Life came at you like a hurricane and you did what you could with whatever it blew into your hands, good and bad.’

Check it out, tis a good story

Wonderful Ways of Reading and Latest Reads O’ Mine

Just look what Santa TOTALLY surprised me with this Christmas:

Yep, a Sony eReader!  The picture to the left is the sweet lit’l cover that came with it while the picture to the right is what’s found when the cover is opened. While I pondered if I wanted an eReader or not, the Santa in my life surprised me and boy do I LOVE it! This is a Sony PocketReader–no internet, no sound, nothin’ but good reading ahead. I have a laptop and a BlackBerry, all I want my eReader to do is let me read books. Santa SO scored on this one!

For me, the question has never, ever been ‘books OR eReader’. I love to read and I will take it any way I can. I love the feels and smells of my paper books and I enjoy the convenience and abilities of my eReader. Reading while eating is so easy–no book to hold open, just use one finger to press a button. This is a big deal for avid readers, is it not?!?


The picture to the right >>> over there is how I get my reading fixes these days–any and every way possible! I enjoy using Border’s mobile eReader app on my BlackBerry (have tried B&N and Kindle apps as well, Border’s wins for smoothness and ease).  Actually, that above mentioned perk goes beyond eating whilst reading, it’s great anytime.  I really like having several books handy when traveling or waiting whilst out and about. What a fantastic and wondrous world we’re living in!!

So, having all my reading opportunities in place and always at my fingertips, what have I been reading?

*How To Bake A Perfect Life by Barbara O’Neal– Even if you are not a baker or ever intend to bake, this is simply a good story–an enjoyable story. The characters are believable and likable, I turned pages wanting to know more. I hope to see these characters again in further stories.

*Chasing The Night by Iris Johansen– I have enjoyed reading Ms. Johansen for quite some time now. I like her Eve Duncan and Joe Quinn characters–including Jane and Trevor(both of whom were not in this book but I hope will have another appearance soon).

*The Fiery Cross and A Breath Of Snow And Ashes by Diana Gabaldon– I have loved the Outlander series of books by this lady from the very first one and have read all of them thus far. These books were the first ever novels that I wanted to re-read in bits and pieces, just stroll through and visit friends from time to time. I think that is perhaps the best feeling a reader can have about characters. I have never in my entire 40 years–and I’ve been reading voraciously as long as I can remember–wanted to just pick pages to re-read in a book before this series came along.

I hope you’re finding great reads that bring you comfort, excitement, peace, laughs…whatever it is you seek at the time!

~Happy Reading!