Book Talk :) What I’ve Been Reading Lately


(All of the books mentioned can be easily found with a quick Google–either on the author’s website or Amazon)


I just finished The Summer of Sunshine and Margot by Susan Mallery and y’all, it was so good! The relationship between this two sisters is a close knit, fun one as they both struggle with the belief that they’ll never find love and family beyond their sisterhood. It was refreshing to read a ‘sister saga’ book where it’s not about estrangement, but about solidarity and dreams coming true. Excellent story and two satisfying happily ever afters. One of the best ‘sister’ books I’ve read–and I’ve read quite a few!


Another good sister book was The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green.The storyline of estranged sisters coming home to estranged mother on her deathbed is done a lot, so the characters really have to make an impression and the Sunshine Sisters do just that, each one. Each one finds a good HFN. Very good read.


Christie Ridgway’s Trey–number seven in the Blackthorne series–is typical Christie, sexy, page turning, satisfying read.


Kait Nolan’s What I Like About You–I’ve enjoyed every Kait book I’ve read, so if you’re a romance reader I think you’ll want to check out her stories!


Jennifer Probst’s Stay trilogy–y’all, this was my first Jennifer Probst experience and I could NOT put down these stories. My favorite was the third one, All Roads Lead to You. This Kentucky girl loved the story of the horse trainer and horse owner healing together and healing this incredible horse named Phoenix. Kentucky Derby stories always get this gal’s attention.


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What I’ve Been Reading Lately

I hope this finds y’all having a wonderful summer just how you like it–slow and easy or runamok doing it all…or that nirvana of a bit of both, that’s what I like! (for those of you in other climates where it’s not so warm right now, do stay warm and cozy, won’t you?)

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New To Me Authors: 

I’d never read any of Liz Flaherty’s romance novels until I read One More Summer. I loved this book, didn’t want to put it down until I’d finished. Such a great contemporary romance read with compelling characters and a rich community.

The same goes for Liz Talley, I’d never read any of her books until The Sweetest September, and I loved it. The sweetest “one night stand now I’m pregnant” story I’ve read! I’m a sucker for babies. The hero in this book just might make you melt for him in several ways, I know I did!

The last new-to-me author I read in recent weeks is Jane Porter. I read her Take Me, Cowboy and just enjoyed every single page.

I look forward to reading more of all of these new-to-me authors–I really scored, didn’t I?!?





I read several ARCs that are NOW available for purchase : 

I’ve always enjoyed Barbara O’neal’s lushly detailed stories that fill all the senses and engage me wholly in the world, in the characters and this one was no exception. To read an ARC of her brand-new The Art of Inheriting Secrets was such a treat–not only because the story is wonderful, but also because I’ve been a devoted reader of her stories for a long time. If you read this one, I suspect you’ll fall in and be immersed much like I was, so satisfying.

Barbara Delinsky’s Before and Again was simply breathtaking in so many ways! Let me first say, I was thrilled to be a part of Barbara’s reading group and ARC team–I’ve long admired and enjoyed her stories and this one was no exception. Click the link to read the summary, because I don’t think I can do it any justice. Riveting.

Jill Shalvis’ Rainy Day Friends— Mark is heart-meltingly wonderful as a single dad, a loving son, good brother, and yep hot. Lainie’s story is a great read and Mark nearly sets the pages on fire just reading about him standing there!

Kait Nolan’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off You — the third of Kait’s Wishing For a Hero series is a page-turner romantic suspense with just enough edge for suspense yet keep the romance front and center. Steady sheriff Ethan and dedicated doctor Miranda have caught one another’s attention and they’ll find a way to make it work.


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Just Like That…

A few weeks ago, I started to notice changes in the cornfields along my country road–the brown sneaking up the stalks of green corn until it reached the top of the curling leaves, the musty smell of drying corn in the air. The soybeans on the other side of the road waned from lush green to faded yellow then grayish brown.

Then came the farmers and the ages-old ritual began with modern day machines. The tractors, combines, wagons, and semis appeared in the fields and along the road. The rumble vibrated through the house, the dust clouds filling the air outside.

This is my marker of the season’s shift from summer into fall.









Every year, time and again.









And just like that, with its still-warm days, soft orange evening light and cooling nights, Fall is here.

What are your seasonal markers for summer fading into fall?

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Book Talk: Historical Fiction

BOOK TIP: Historical fiction fans, there’s a wonderful list of book suggestions in this article. I checked four of them out from my public library–I’ve already started reading Ahab’s Wife and am riveted!

The article features the bookseller of Parnassus Books and author Geraldine Brooks. I enjoy Geraldine Brooks‘ work–if you haven’t read her, DO. The Secret Chord is lush and riveting–so a list of book suggestions from her caught my attention. If you’re so inclined, I think you’ll enjoy the article as well as the book suggestions.



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