Bridges of Starlight Blurb & Teaser

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“I promise I will cherish you like that again, if you’ll let me.”

Katie always swore she wouldn’t be the kind of military wife who promised forever and gave up when things went from tough to tougher. But ten years, three children and five deployments later, that vow was put to the test when her husband, Army helicopter pilot Ford Callahan, refused to come home to recover from a devastating injury sustained in Afghanistan. Katie, reeling from broken trust and holding an explosive secret of her own, fled to the distant tropical island that proved to be the home she’d never known, reopening her grandmother’s old bakery and building a new life—one without Ford.

Ford wouldn’t allow his family to witness his weakness in recovery, but in rejoining them after his rehabilitation, he discovers that his stubborn pride may have destroyed what he was trying so desperately to protect. He’s known the loneliness of a decade of combat deployments, but nothing has prepared him for the heartache of separation from Katie. Ford isn’t about to give up on his family, though, and with the support of the friendly island community, he begins to find his footing in civilian life, determined to be the husband and father they need him to be.

But when Katie’s secret at last comes to light, both Ford and Katie must reach deep within themselves to find the compassion and forgiveness to move forward, building a bridge strong enough to bear the weight of their wounded hearts—and the promise of a future together.