Book Tips: Great New Releases

There are always great books out there to read, but the last couple of weeks have brought me several new releases that I have really enjoyed and want to share with you. All are romances, as I tend to read a lot of those 🙂



Nobody But You by Jill Shalvis Hello, Jacob Kincaid!  This latest in Jill’s Cedar Ridge series is one I’ve been anticipating and I’ve been so excited to share it since I read the ARC. We’ve seen Jacob mentioned briefly in the first two books as the missing Kincaid brother and my curiosity was aaalll a twitter! Jill did not disappoint, Jacob and Sophie’s story is a good one. You can read these books as stand alones, easily, but I enjoy them in order–the bits n pieces come together in a satisfying way.



I was lucky enough to read an ARC of Selena Laurence’s upcoming release, The Kingmaker–a super sexy page-turner full of pretty people, scandal, sex and, best of all, true love.thekingmaker  Derek and London learn that no matter how mighty the power, no matter how deep the lies, love will always, always find a way. Happily ever after does exist, even for The Kingmaker and The High Class Call Girl. While you have to wait until April 26th for The Kingmaker, you can get the novella about his younger brother right now. 

Marcus’ story is also a super sexy good read and a great way to whet your appetite for Derek’s story. Prince of the Press is FREE on Amazon right now–check it out 🙂 




Brand New Today is Kait Nolan’s latest romance, Just For This Moment. While this one can be read stand alone, it is the fourth book in the Wishful Romance series. You can try Kait’s stories out for FREE by reading the first book, To Get Me to You. I just started To Get Me to You this morning–so far, so good!




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Friday Reads: A Scoop of Interesting Things

Hello There! I hope your week has been a good one. Have you been by my Instagram to see my pictures from the week? Lots of sunsets and sunrises, as those are a lifetime jam o’ mine *smile*

As always, I found tons of good stuff to read and want to share, so I thought I’d post a few links here for your perusal. Oh, before I do that– did you watch anything good on TV? I’m enjoying Lucifer, they’re really developing his character! I also just started Bloodlines on Netflix, it’s promising so far.



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Without further ado, here are links to four articles I found interesting and thought you might enjoy, too:

****Nora Roberts has left her old publisher to carry on elsewhere–this is big news to La Nora fans, as she’s been with her publisher for many years and is avowedly reluctant to change. Her blog post says it all, in perfect NoraStyle, and onward she goes.

****Inside the Deserted Mansions of an American Heiress–people fascinate me and empty houses of all kinds, whether mansions or ruins, hold intriguing secrets and stories, I just know it.


****The Vows Are EverythingFor Better, For Worse, I’m His and He’s Mine. Tisn’t a popular sentiment in this day and age, but it’s no less incredible and special in spite of it. Granted, it does take two making these promises, finding compromises, working things out.

“The point of a wedding isn’t for two people to publicly profess their love for one another. That much is obvious. The point is to promise that they will keep loving one another, come hell or high water.”  Word.



January Jottings…

xmastreesunlitThis post is brought to you by my Christmas tree lights that still twinkle merrily over there in the corner>>> and the twenty three and a quarter glorious sunbeams I managed to soak up yesterday before w-i-n-t-e-r’s gloom returned this morn 🙂 

Today I want to share a few things I’ve read recently–some made me laugh, others brought tears, some made my heart squeeze with joy, others were heartrending…all in all, every single one is a snippet of this life we’re all living.

*Man o’ man, y’all, this I mean I laughed out loud a LOT. My mentioning this is in no way a mockery or scorn–it’s just…well…read it *shakin’ head…still laughing* I’m trying to be sorry…really, I am…

*This post addressing the fleeting moments in every day life spoke words that described familiar feelings for me–I don’t want to miss a thing, I want nothing to go by unheralded, it all goes by so fast! In this article, the writer (Lindsey Meade) echoes my melancholy side in many ways.


*These folks have been heavy on my heart lately because what they’re going through mirrors a journey so many folks have faced or are facing today. By sharing their corner of the world right now, I believe Joey and Rory help others going through similar or help those who watch from afar to better understand, to be better humans, somehow. I don’t know how else to say it.

And last, but far from least, This Book:

Oh, Yall *sigh* I was completely smitten with The Secret Chord by Geraldine Brooks. I don’t know if I’ve romanticized King David at some point or what, but this is an incredible historical fiction story that brought the King to magnificent life in front of my eyes–or in my mind’s eye, as the case may be. Far from perfect–oh, so very, very far–David was a man who appeared to live with great depth of emotion and passion. I admire that so much. I wasn’t even halfway through the library’s copy when I just had to order my own copy so I could pore over this book at my leisure…marking things, wondering about details…smitten, I tell you.

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These Things…



After adding to my ever-growing list of things to share with you yet again this morn, I decided a blog post would be a good idea. Here’s some good stuff I think y’all will enjoy!






*BOOK TIP: My friend Jeannie Moon has a brand new book out today! Click the book cover over there <<to see more, but I assure you it’s a story worth reading…all of Jeannie’s stories are!

*This article about Math makes so much sense! I encourage everyone with children to read it, really read it–especially those who homeschool and thus have math freedom 🙂


*A brief but great article about Nora Roberts books with a couple of tips on where to start if you’re new to her books–or just a Nora junkie like me. One of the books quoted I can’t remember reading, so I’m all excited to get it and dive in!

*Lately I’ve been studying about pallitive and hospice care–it’s a specific part of my personal compassion crusade. My brother (a fellow compassion crusader and often my inspiration) sent me this TED talk. BJ Miller is simply amazing in this realm. Amazing.


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