Just Like That…

A few weeks ago, I started to notice changes in the cornfields along my country road–the brown sneaking up the stalks of green corn until it reached the top of the curling leaves, the musty smell of drying corn in the air. The soybeans on the other side of the road waned from lush green to faded yellow then grayish brown.

Then came the farmers and the ages-old ritual began with modern day machines. The tractors, combines, wagons, and semis appeared in the fields and along the road. The rumble vibrated through the house, the dust clouds filling the air outside.

This is my marker of the season’s shift from summer into fall.









Every year, time and again.









And just like that, with its still-warm days, soft orange evening light and cooling nights, Fall is here.

What are your seasonal markers for summer fading into fall?

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