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After adding to my ever-growing list of things to share with you yet again this morn, I decided a blog post would be a good idea. Here’s some good stuff I think y’all will enjoy!






*BOOK TIP: My friend Jeannie Moon has a brand new book out today! Click the book cover over there <<to see more, but I assure you it’s a story worth reading…all of Jeannie’s stories are!

*This article about Math makes so much sense! I encourage everyone with children to read it, really read it–especially those who homeschool and thus have math freedom 🙂


*A brief but great article about Nora Roberts books with a couple of tips on where to start if you’re new to her books–or just a Nora junkie like me. One of the books quoted I can’t remember reading, so I’m all excited to get it and dive in!

*Lately I’ve been studying about pallitive and hospice care–it’s a specific part of my personal compassion crusade. My brother (a fellow compassion crusader and often my inspiration) sent me this TED talk. BJ Miller is simply amazing in this realm. Amazing.


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This Morning…

This morning I woke acutely aware that a mother woke–if she slept at all–and went to ready her 7 year old for school before she was stunned to her knees in horror at the realization that this is the dawn of the first day of her life without that child in it…

I woke with tears on my cheeks for another mother in a hospital bed who holds her baby close, breathing deeply of that baby smell, knowing these are the last moments on this earth she will have with her sweet baby, that this child’s memories of her mommy will be only what her daddy tells her…


I woke with grief for a dear friend who is trying to make a life without her husband of 28 years…I can’t imagine…

I woke missing my own mother, gone from this earth for years now, yet the need for her still cutting as sharply as it did that day–maybe even more so because I know tis futile…I got up to make my tea, my beloved ones sleeping peacefully around me, the house dark and quiet. And so began the day with part of this prayer:

(St. Augustine Prayer, I think it is)

Tend your sick ones,
O Lord Jesus Christ,
rest your weary ones,
bless your dying ones,
soothe your suffering ones,
pity your afflicted ones,
shield your joyous ones,
and all for your love’s sake


…shield your joyous ones–help us see the joy…

(A Facebook post of mine I wanted to share and keep)