Orange Blossom Special, Wabash Cannonball…

If you could take a 3 day train ride across the country for the purpose of great views and some time away–zero destination, just along for the ride–would you do it? What would you take with you? How do you think you would spend your time?


Me? I’d take notebooks, my red pens and a pencil or two, m’Kindle and a couple of paperback books, snacks and my water bottle as well as my camera, phone, binoculars and laptop. Oh, a blanket and pillow, too. That’s pretty much all I’d need while aboard, I think.

I anticipate I’d do a lot of window gazing, some chatting with other riders–’cause I do that– plenty of reading (read, gaze, read, gaze,–and eat….) and tons of thinking about the book I’m currently writing. I’d like to say I’d get a lot of writing done, too, but actual words on the page I’m not sure would really happen. I think the mental work of daydreaming the story would happen more than the putting words on the page. Once home again, I’d be afire with the keyboard, to be sure.



Would you do it? What would you take and how do you think you’d spend the time?

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