What I’m Reading…


I can’t begin to tell y’all how much I’ve enjoyed reading various tidbits about Camille Claudel, the artist Rodin’s lover–this book cannot arrive on my doorstep soon enough! (click the pic for more details)

I’m frequently asked about what I’m reading these days so, even though we chat about books over on Facebook all the time, I thought twas past time for a new bookity post over here.

Typically I read whatever strikes me in the moment I’m looking for a fresh read–I don’t make lists beyond simply ‘I want to read this’. These are the books that I’m reading right now or about to read because I’ve been eagerly waiting for all of them and thus am making sure they stay atop my stacks until I get to them!

Check ’em out–do let me know if you’ve read or go forth to read any of them. Y’know how I adore talking books 🙂  (pop over to Facebook to chat)


I’ve enjoyed Jessica Lemmon’s sexy, steamy stories lately and am confident that this one will be no exception. I’m ready to meet Marcus and Lily! (click the pic for more info)


I love the story of Wyatt Earp, so when I saw this book about Doc Holliday I knew I wanted to check it out. I’m really anticipating this one! Click the picture to learn more…