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My Uncle Al–so loved, so missed…

We love You, Uncle Al

One of the prices of great love is the pain of grief. Grief is a steep price tag that affects us on every level of our being for the rest of our lives, but so does the love.                     Thank God in Heaven, so does the love.  (click for better pic resolution)

Cover Reveal & Book Blurb: Lauren Greene’s The Devil Within

Today I bring you the cover reveal of Lauren Green’s latest novel, The Devil Within–available Monday, June 22nd. Definitely both an intriguing cover and book blurb, I think!


Blurb —
When nine-year old William loses most of his family in car accident, he is left alone with a religious zealot of a father. As a result of his father’s abuse, William blames himself for his family’s death and becomes convinced the devil is leading him astray. The backdrop of life in a rural town in the 1960’s sets the tumultuous scene as William struggles to cope in a world no child should have to face on his own. Will William be saved, or will he succumb to the devil within?



Lauren Greene has been writing since childhood. Writing about the south comes natural to her as Lauren has lived the majority of her life in Alabama. She lives with her family in Montgomery, Alabama and is currently working on a thriller set in a small southern town.



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