Find More Time to Read : A Tip


Nearly every single day, someone says to me, “I want to read more, but I just don’t have time.”  As with everything else in the world, the time to read only comes if you make it part of your daily groove. Surprisingly, many of the folks who’ve told me they want to read more confess to not doing this number one tip:


Anything you want to read, keep it handy–books, your Kindle, your phone, magazines, newspaper pages…  Try it! 




I made the graphic, but the quote is from…somewhere in my recent readings…

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Top Ten Things I Read Recently

I talk about what I read all the time here and on Facebook and today is no exception 🙂

My Top Ten Things I Recently Read: (some are books, some are articles…)







1. Bringing Home the Bad Boy by Jessica Lemmon–you will *adore* Evan in this book. Evan loved his wife but in the years since her death, he has moved on . Now he has to convince her best friend to do the same and embrace the life in front of them–a life with him. Watch for the finger painting scene with Evan and Charlie…just trust me 🙂


2.The Abandoned Island in the Middle of New York— now a bird sancturary and off-limits to visitors, this island is where Typhoid Mary was quarantined for twenty years, until her death. There are pictures of the forest reclaiming the buildings that used to be a hospital, then a drug treatment facility. If walls could talk…

3. Until You by Jeannie Moon— this book isn’t available until March 17th, but I think you’ll want to put it on your list. The story of Kate and David is real-life stuff while keeping the magic of a new love in the air. It’s not easy to make things work when family and job issues get in the way, but these two show us how love always finds a way. While I’m typically on the fence when it comes to sports heroes, this book has made me change my attitude and give such a chance.

5.Just Add Light and Stir–a wonderful little snippet about learning and kiddos.

6. Obsession in Death by J.D. Robb— after 40something In Death series books, I still hurry to get the latest one, every time. There are few couples who measure up to Roarke and Eve, in my book. While each book is technically stand-alone, you miss a lot of character bonding, connection and growth by not starting with book one (Naked in Death).


Just thought I’d toss this in here…see if it helps us any! 😀

7. Simple Steps to Get Along Better— “You can change or stay the same and stop whenever you want, there are no rules to this thing.” Relationships require tending, all the time.

8. Chocolate Pie –You’re Welcome.

9. The Soured Earth by Sophie Weeks–This book was an eloquent and moving story of a season of life covering multiple generations and deep seated beliefs. Written from the perspective of a college aged girl who reluctantly returns home during her family’s time of need, emotions are heightened as problems are battled and the family finally triumphs with everyone moving on to better days.

10. Armchair Traveling: Italy–I adore armchair traveling and do quite a bit of it quite often. Where’s the last place you traveled to via the World Wide Web?

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Oh, March…

My Hero and I love backroads drives anytime and yesterday was no exception…

It was pretty. I am well over it now and declare this to be my last snowy picture of 2015 *nods*

Oh, March...