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Book Release! The Mind of a Child by Marshanne Mishoe

Please join me in welcoming author Marshanne Mishoe as a guest on my blog today!

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Winter Beauty

The weather has sucked recently.  Everywhere you look there is snow, ice or some form of frozen precipitation.  All the news reports are talking about it.  Ditto with all the radio stations.  What makes this even worse is the fact that the power has gone out in a lot of places, leaving us cold in our homes.  Combine that with the fact that school has been canceled for most of the week and you’ve got a pretty dire situation.

But among all this stress and discomfort that the cold weather has caused, we can choose to stop and find beauty in the situation.  Just look at the ice covered trees with the sun shining through the crystals.  It is strikingly gorgeous!  The still, quiet of the nearby woods is a great respite from the chaos swirling in my cold home.   When the wind blows there’s a tinkling as the bare branches brush up to one another.

Back to that cold home.  The power outage has left us with no TV, no lights and no way to charge cell phones.  But from the “blessing in disguise” category, we have found other ways to spend our time.  We have cooked on our gas-top stove, using matches to start it.  We have had, for the first time ever, tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, a meal I traditionally save for lunch.  But this simple supper was such a comfort to us all and seemed to warm our souls.  Then the five of us gathered by candlelight and played a game of Monopoly.  Watching my children’s shadowed faces laughing and teasing each other was beautiful to me.

The cold weather has actually spawned a new feeling of community among some of us as well.  Upon hearing a teacher’s plea that some of the children from her school would be low on food, while missing the meals they normally get at school, a local restaurant owner jumped in to help.  He offered over 60 pizzas to teachers, who then went door to door to some of their at-risk students and made the deliveries.  Dimitri is his name and he owns a nice restaurant called Giorgio’s.  You’ll have to eat there whenever you’re in this part of North Georgia.

I know the super-cold weather has been a pain, but if each of us stops and takes the time to look, we will see the beauty peeking through.


ABOUT The Mind of a Child


Two eras, two women, one story of strength and love.

1940: When Jessa gives birth to her youngest son, instinct tells her all’s not well. Her husband and doctor are keeping something from her, but what?

2007: Willa adjusts to her new job serving as an assistant teacher in a special needs classroom. At first she balks at the work she has to do – often involving bathroom issues and tantruming children.  As she grows into the job, she comes to truly love her students, even as she learns that things aren’t all that they seem within her own family.

The Mind of a Child paints a vivid picture of contrasting times, disparate perceptions, and the women who shaped them. As they rely on their wits, family, and growing faith in God, their stories intertwine, teaching them that love can overcome any challenge.

ABOUT Marshanne Mishoe


The Mind of a Child is Marshanne Mishoe’s first novel. She started her writing career back in the mid 1980’s as a television news reporter and anchor. She worked at WIS-TV in Columbia, South Carolina for the better part of a decade, and before that she had a two-year stint as a writer and producer for SC-ETV’s satellite branch in Beaufort, SC.

Marshanne now makes her home just north of Atlanta.  She lives with her husband, Steve, and their three kids, Jake, Spencer and Marishay.  Their dog Millie would be highly incensed if she were left out, so she lives there too.

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