Round-Up: Five Things to Help Better Your World

Hello again!

As a reader, I enjoy round-up posts from my favorite writers/bloggers. Such posts allow me to discover intriguing reads from all over the world about all sorts of things—the internet really is quite phenomenal, you know—perchance you haven’t noticed yet.


In this little round-up I have for you today, I hope something catches your eye and makes your world a little better in some way. If you check out any of the links below, I’d love to hear what you think.

  1. ‘Widespread respect for time with family is what’s missing from our culture.’It doesn’t matter what you believe about education if you’re not believing in and investing in your family.
  2. 100 Ways to Be Kind to Your ChildThis is a common sense list that reminds us how easy can be to slow down and address your kiddo where he’s at, to let them be kids and show them kindness. Push back against the urge to rush so much, to brush off her ‘childishness’, instead talk with her, walk with him…
  3. ‘I used to think such lost opportunities were beautiful towns flashing by my train windows, but now I imagine they are lanterns from the past, casting light on what’s ahead.’–  So lyrical! One of the best essays I’ve read recently, this is a truly pleasant read that reminds us to remember what truly matters.
  4. ‘Enjoy your kids for who they are and stop worrying about who they will become and what they will do with their lives.’Learn new things for yourself, spend time with your kids, be here, right now.
  5. ‘Let children read books they love’- Neil Gaiman believes well-meaning adults can inadvertently destroy a child’s love of reading by pushing ‘worthy’ books on them. Let the kiddos read!

After I gathered these links, I realized there’s a common thread running through all of them. Do you see it? It’s about relaxing and enjoying life, being present with your kids, with your spouse, in the moment. And you want to know something? Not only will learning happen, but solid connections and stronger relationships will result. And, as I’m fond of saying, that’s what it’s all about.

(Bonus tidbit) How fantastic is the following word?!? :



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