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Recently I wrote about seeing and speaking art in everyday and promised to follow up with some great art book ideas for kids. There are so many! I choose just a wee sampling for this post, so remember to go forth and browse what’s out there.

The first art book resource I’d like to share with you is a set that my own children and I loved so much that we still tell other families about them:


Mike Venezia’s Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists series – in his set of 48 biographies, each one covering a different artist, Mike Venezia brings the facts to children in an engaging way while also sprinkling charming and funny cartoons throughout the book. This book series is so well done and so phenomenal, it opens the world of famous artists and their works to both children and those who are reading along with the children.


These next books are recommendations I’ve gathered from various friends and online sources—some I’ve read, others I have not, but I believe all to be great resources that are both engaging and informational. There’s nothing quite like a great book that brings you good information in an interesting and memorable way.

Katie Meets the Impressionists– upon a visit to the museum with her grandmother, Katie is transported into various paintings that come alive for her. She meets family members of the artists and tours studios as well as finds herself onstage amid a ballet. This book is one of several featuring Katie and her adventures, check out the other titles for more artists and art styles.


Van Gogh and the Sunflowers – told from the point of view of a young boy who meets a strange artist, this story is based on a true account of the artist’s interactions with Camille and his family. While the story can be a sad one, recounting how Van Gogh was considered odd and not well accepted, it is thus a classic portrayal of the differences in people and how acceptance is key.

Mini Masters is a board book set about famous artists for the littlest of readers with bright pictures and catchy short story bits. I love board books for little ones–and about art, too!

Have you and your children found great books about artists and art? I’d love to hear what books you’ve enjoyed–about art or about anything else, as well. I’m in love with books!


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  1. Boy, it would be great if you could buy the whole set collectively! I looked, but didn’t see that option. Definitely keeping it in mind though, thanks! (Especially since we decided to do artists & composers this year… 😀 )

  2. I hear ya, Lori–I remember trying to do the same years ago. I had hopes a collection would be available by now, but I haven’t seen such an option yet–not even on eBay! Did you see that he has a series on composers, too?

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