The Circus in Winter

Hello 🙂 I so hope you’re making this first month of 2013 a splendid one! What a wonderful world we live in, really!

As always, this season-that-shall-not-be-named finds me nearly hibernating inside where it’s warm and toasty whilst ridiculously low temperatures visit us outside (Twas three degrees this morn…THREE, y’all!!)…all the better to read and read some more, I say!

When I first started reading The Circus in Winter by Cathy Day, I felt it might be a bit dark for my tastes…but the pages kept turning! As I read, I realized it was not so much ‘dark’ as gritty and real, each story told of life exactly how it really was for folks during the time period and how some truly felt about things when nobody was looking–deep down inside. This made for a page-turning story of humans and life, void of rose colored glasses and many comforts.

A very exciting thing happened as I was almost finished reading–I ran across a quote I loved…a quote I’ve loved for YEARS (I didn’t realize I’d read this book quite awhile ago…hey, I read A LOT!!) and could never find said quote again. To say I’m thrilled is putting it mildly!

‘Maybe every town in America transmits that radio signal, and on certain nights when the weather and the frequency are just right, we can all hear our hometowns talking softly to us in the back of our dreams.’ 

*sigh* I love it.  Everyone carries their hometown within them wherever they go…the idea that  plays soft music in our heads in a good way? Makes me happy.

I like stories of the old circus days…of the people who lived them and this was a very good one–but also a very good book about real life for these folks…during and long after the circus.

Have you read any books about the circus world–both olden days or modern?