This is a poem about what to do if you find yourself in a Fairy Tale. It is guaranteed to work.”  Neil Gaiman (words only here, but listening to Gaiman read is lovely.)

After reading this post over at A Cup of Jo,  I have chosen the above poem to learn by heart. Hmm…I like that…saying ‘learn by heart’ instead of  ’memorize’. For memorize implies a chore whilst learn by heart implies I want this in my heart to stay. Yes, I like that very much.

Are you inspired to learn something by heart–a poem, a bit of Scripture, snippet of prose or verse? I’d love to hear about it…

* I shall be baking some of these in my kitchen this weekend–they sound so good to me–add a cup of cold milk and MMmmMM!

A bit of bright color on my desk on this gloomy, rainy fall day

* This article, ‘Clutter is Life’, seems to me to be a spot on way of looking at things. Home is for living, and my goal is a warm, comfortable home for this family.

* I am excited to be returning to the Y after a wonderful summer spent walking outdoors. I am NOT excited about the ending of my lovely summer weather…but apparently my pleas for year around 75 degrees and sunny are not being heard in this part of our great nation. Ppfftt. My true feelings being fully disclosed, I am now moving on…YAAY for the Y and continuing to walk, walk, walk! Do you make sure to  move your body often–stretch, walk, breathe deep? You should, ya know. *end public service announcement*

Have a magical fall weekend, won’t you?