Derby Day : Encore

As the date for the Kentucky Derby (May 5th) and our 21st (!!) wedding anniversary approaches, I’m encore posting my post from this time a couple of years ago. I will be in Texas on Derby Day this year, as my little brother graduates from college down there– WHOOT! However, you can be sure I’ll see my ponies race at some point and I’ll certainly have my Kentucky Hot Brown and Derby Pie in the days to come–I guarantee it, y’all!


As a born n bred Kentucky girl, the annual Kentucky Derby has always had my attention this first weekend of May–I guaranteed it always would by getting married on Derby Day in 1991. Whilst May 4th is our actual anniversary date, we’ve always celebrated on Derby Day. Strike The Gold was the pony that won that day 19 years ago this weekend–appropos, no?

In honor of Derby Day(from here firmly amid Central Indiana), it’s all about the food. Sure, we’ll give the race a look on tv, but the food…mmMM! In our case, we’re making(and EATING) the signature Kentucky Hot Brown and Kentucky D*r*y Pie(you’re not s’posed to use the word ‘derby’ in there cause that pie name is all copyrighted n stuff).

The classic Kentucky Hot Brown has many variations n personal tweaks, like any other recipe does–and should. This hot brown picture is from the renowned Brown Hotel in Lousiville, Kentucky, where the signature Hot Brown is always featured. I shan’t post the recipe, but you can click on over from the Brown Hotel link up there. Let us just say bacon…creamy cheesy sauce…turkey… all bubbly n hot from the oven…mmmm…yeah, ‘s good stuff!

My personal take is a wee bit different in that I use a coupla cheddar and parmesan cheeses instead of what the recipe calls for…otherwise, ’bout the same–served with crispy potato chips(homemade chips rock but kettle chips work great as well) MMMmmMMM!

Next up is the famous Kentucky D*r*y Pie recipe–the Kentucky Pie is what we’re allowed to call it. Just spectacularly delicious…look at it. Click on over from the pie title there and take a look at that recipe…yum.

Y’all enjoy, now!!

*Cues ‘My Old Kentucky Home’ music*

Eggs and More Eggs

As I mentioned in a recent post, I love eggs and have run across some great recipes starring eggs. Most of the time eggs are considered breakfast foods but I fix them any time of day at all. In fact, it seems to me that many folks I know do the same thing–rarely do breakfast foods stay breakfast only foods. This is a good thing–good food anytime!

My very favorite way to eat eggs is some variation or other of eggs on toast(yes, I’ve mentioned this I’m sure). These recipes are some of the most delicious ones I’ve come across lately.

 My current favorite recipe is this one by Ree. It’s no secret that I enjoy many of Ree’s recipes and have for several years now. This particular one is also found in her latest cookbook.  These days I often tweak recipes to better suit what I have on hand or a particular taste I’m looking for. I didn’t do this early on in my cooking from scratch adventures, but it does come over time.

With this breakfast spread recipe of Ree’s, I used sourdough toast(thank you StepMomma o’ mine) and added an over easy egg on top for extra goodness after the quick broil. I don’t have a picture because I don’t really plan my food posts–they just happen as I’m smitten.

I confess that I have not actually tried this next recipe–in fact, I’ve never tried soft boiled eggs before–but since it’s from Deb over at The Smitten Kitchen, I know it will be stellar. Go, click…just look at that toast…those eggs…*sigh* Yum. By the way, have you seen her son?!? A-d-o-r-a-b-le and no doubt edible!

Gratituous MacDawg pic

From the same place, The Smitten Kitchen, I give you a fried egg sandwich with bacon and blue cheese. While I’m not a blue cheese fan, y’all go look  at this sandwich!
I admit that these are all variations on egg n toast, but oh what deliciousness they hold–the pictures alone are motivating, are they not?
If you’re an egg n toast fan, I think you’ll enjoy these recipes tremendously. Do tell me your favorite ways to eat an egg!

Book Talk: Wild by Cheryl Strayed

“It was a world I’d never been to and yet  had  known was there all along, one I’d staggered to in sorrow and confusion and fear and hope. A world I thought would both make me into the woman I knew I could become and turn me back into the girl I’d once been. A world called the Pacific Crest Trail.” — Cheryl Strayed
‘Wild’ is a memoir of the author’s time hiking the Pacific Crest Trail following the loss of her mother and the breakup of her marriage. At the time of the journey, her life is spinning out of control and she is homeless and orphaned and feeling utterly alone in the world.

“Maybe I was more alone than anyone in the whole wide world. Maybe that was okay.”

While I am a motherless daughter and there was SO much in this book I could identify with, when I gave it some thought, this passage seems to be my most significant takeaway:

“As difficult and maddening as the trail could be, there was hardly a day that passed that didn’t offer up some form of what was called trail magic…the unexpected and sweet happenings that stand out in stark relief to the challenges of the trail…” 

The passage stuck with me because I am an eternal optimist. I don’t have bad days, only less than stellar moments.  Every day there are good things happening and it is those moments I choose to focus on…these moments of joy can be called by many names, trail magic fits.

This memoir is so well told, so descriptive and bluntly emotional–not emotional as in sobbing and sad but raw and honest. The pages practically turned by themselves. Whether you are a motherless daughter or still have your mother in this world, this book is a riveting story of how the author coped with devastating loss and terrifying aloneness, with spiraling out of control yet always knowing that moving forward is key.