Happy Clicks

Pure fun, pure smiles are what I have to offer you today. There are plenty of heavy, sad things going on in the world–globally, nationally, in every person’s little corner of it all–so I want to offer you happy stuff to click.
Take a moment to do this: pick a moment, any moment in your day that brought you joy, and hold it close. There, doesn’t that feel good?

Out on the porch the first truly warm n sunny day
*contented sigh*

*On Falling In Love– a sweet post about an author’s letter to his newly smitten son.

*If You’re Happy and You Know It– amen.

*Playfulness As a Way of Life– think about fun, make it a habit!

*A Funny Tip About Sex for Moms– such a good one, too!

I hope the weekend was a glorious one full of whatever you needed to be restored and rejuvenated. Onward!

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