Another Sunday in the Kitchen

A wintry Sunday in January is the perfect day for spending some quality time in my kitchen. As I’ve said before, Sundays are home n hearth days around here.

Today I made a batch of chili and a big pot o’ creamy chicken soup to have on hand for easy eating over the next few days. I really enjoy soup for lunch this time of year and both make great supper leftovers alone or put with something else. My 16 year old girlie-night owl likes to have good food to reheat at midnight or 2am and soup fits the bill nicely I’m told.

I watched The Pioneer Woman’s Food Network show yesterday and was inspired to make her Flat Apple Pie. Any of y’all watched her show yet? I’ve watched from the beginning and she’s doing so well–the show was fun to watch from the first one but the new season shows show Ree much more relaxed and conversational. Bravo to all! 

I took the easy way out and used a pie crust I had left in the freezer from the holiday stash. The reviews were thumbs up all around with my family–which I expected since they’re all already apple pie fans.

The fun thing about this Flat Apple Pie is that it’s sliced like pizza and super easy to pick up and eat. Needless to say, that makes it disappear fast when folks can just walk by and grab a slice!

As this Sunday winds down, my book is saving my cozy couch spot. What’s cooking at your house?

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