Confession: Decaffeinated

I have a confession to make. It might be a rather startling confession, to some. For others, maybe not so much. Ready? I don’t drink coffee…or even much caffeine at all.

I say eliminated most caffeine because now and again I do enjoy a fountain Coca Cola from Steak n Shake–it so tastes like Coke should taste to me and is my current indulgence once in awhile. I also do have a cup of coffee now and again, usually when I’m feeling puny or seriously sleep deprived–neither of which happen often, thankfully.

Oh, and my sweet tea that I l-o-v-e?!? (even more than Coca Cola!) While I did go decaf on that for awhile, I wasn’t willing to give up the sugar part and tea without sugar doesn’t exist for me…so it, too, is now a rare thing.

So tell me, are you caffeine-free? Caffeine-addicted?  Or addict-turned-caffeine-now and again, like me?

8 thoughts on “Confession: Decaffeinated

  1. Fully leaded coffee in the morning makes for a much more smooother less extra crispy cranky mommy in this house. The pop is not a biggie except for that Cherry Dr. Pepper that seems to find its way in the house when the Cupcake is home <3.

  2. I am somewhere in the middle. I usually have a cup of coffee in my protein shake in the morning. I have a Mexican Coke in the afternoon or coffee if I’m cold. The rest of the day is generally caffeine free. I don’t think 2 drinks a day is too bad. Sometimes less, sometimes a little more but never more than 3 or I get a headache.

  3. I think it’s whatever works for you, Carol, yep. Mmmm Mexican coke….
    I’ve wanted to try protein shakes but worried the taste would be nasty….I didnt think about adding stuff…


  4. I confess–I am a caffeine-free writer. My greatest caffeine indulgences are chocolate and the occasional small iced tea, but they don’t have anything to do with my writing routine. The best energy comes from good sleep, good food, and trips to the gym!

  5. Amen to the best energy being from good sleep, good food and exercise! I thrive on all three–I prefer my walks to be outside in nature but the seasons are changing. and driving me inside ’cause I will not be cold lol.


  6. I am a coffee LOVER, but I can quit anytime, heehee. Seriously tho, not addicted, could do caffeinated or decaf, no matter, just love the smokey flavor and a drink that makes me sip and slow down. I drink coffee black, or with just a little cream on some days, no sugar, no flavorings. Sugar, on the other hand, is quite another story. My ENEMY.

  7. I hear ya, Cheryl–sugar is the bane of my healthy lifestyle pursuit! It’s in everything!!

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