Confession: Decaffeinated

I have a confession to make. It might be a rather startling confession, to some. For others, maybe not so much. Ready? I don’t drink coffee…or even much caffeine at all.

I say eliminated most caffeine because now and again I do enjoy a fountain Coca Cola from Steak n Shake–it so tastes like Coke should taste to me and is my current indulgence once in awhile. I also do have a cup of coffee now and again, usually when I’m feeling puny or seriously sleep deprived–neither of which happen often, thankfully.

Oh, and my sweet tea that I l-o-v-e?!? (even more than Coca Cola!) While I did go decaf on that for awhile, I wasn’t willing to give up the sugar part and tea without sugar doesn’t exist for me…so it, too, is now a rare thing.

So tell me, are you caffeine-free? Caffeine-addicted?  Or addict-turned-caffeine-now and again, like me?