Comfort Food : Chili

Ah fall, the time of year when food becomes heartier, when dutch ovens, stock pots and crock pots everywhere take up a permanent spot on the stove or counter top. I have so many comfort foods that manifest deep cravings this time o’ year. One that tops my list is chili. Chili is one of the most well loved meals in our home. All four of us enjoy it and the leftovers are just as much appreciated as the first serving.

Chili is a hot topic among folks who like it–most are very opinionated about the meat and beans involved and some even decry the beans as not belonging in chili. (that’s for some o’ you Texans I know) HowEVER, this is my blog and thus my chili and there will be beans and lots of ’em mmMMmm!

As I was typing up this post, I realized I can’t really share my chili recipe with you. Tisn’t a family secret or anything…I just…well, I don’t make my chili with a recipe. I realized I’ve not yet taken the time to jot down things along the way so there IS a recipe. That’s something bona fide food bloggers are skilled n talented at, not this blogs-what-strikes-her-sometimes-it’s-food gal.

Let me just say my chili is made up of:

*good beef

*green/red peppers

*lots n lots of Bush’s Mild Chili Beans (yes, in a can already seasoned and yum)

*chili powder, garlic powder, a bit o’ salt

*tomato sauce.

Basic and delicious. I cook the beef and peppers first, getting a good sear on and ramping up flavor, then I add the other ingredients and cook it all up together–bringing to a boil then a good simmer.

My chili can be eaten immediately, but as is the case with many such dishes, a bit of a simmer makes it taste so much better. We like to eat our chili with hot n crusty cheese bread–sliced baguette topped with cheese n into the oven for just a few minutes, til the cheese melts and the bread is crisp. Makes for delicious dipping!

So tell me about your favorite chili–is it one you make, your mom makes, a restaurant favorite? Beans or no beans–do tell!