Comfort Food: Beans and Cornbread

I’ve enjoyed talking comfort food with y’all over the last few Tuesday posts. Today’s comfort food of choice is beans and cornbread. Growing up in Kentucky, beans and cornbread were a family favorite at the supper table. In fact, at my grandmother’s table pinto beans were a daily occurrence right alongside whatever else was fixed–with ten kids to feed, they were filling and cheap. While my mother didn’t put them on our table that often, we did have beans and cornbread frequently. I loved them then and love them now.

I had no idea how many different ways people made simple ‘beans and cornbread’ until years after I left home and had babies of my own. We called them brown beans, I later learned they’re pinto beans. Live n learn, as I always say.

As I started to type my recipe for making the beans, I remembered seeing this recipe(click there) which is almost exactly what I do when making beans except I often use my slow cooker. I certainly couldn’t put up a better post–especially with pictures–, so I’ll just refer you there for details. Go on, clickity click.

Cornbread is one of those southern things that has as many recipes and preferences as there are Grandmas. My personal favorite is a simple recipe with one constant. That constant is my iron skillet. No matter the cornbread recipe, a hot iron skillet is the key.

For my cornbread, I pour a bit of oil into the iron skillet and put it in a hot oven for about 5 minutes whilst I mix up the cornbread, then pour that cornbread mixture into the sizzling skillet and bake…perfection!

My current preferred cornbread recipe is a family secret that I shall share with you today. Here it is:

Yep, on the side o’ that bag for the world to share. See, I told y’all I’m not a food snob but just a gal that loves cookin’ now and again.

Do you have a beans and cornbread recipe that warms you inside and out? If not, what is your similar comfort food?

3 thoughts on “Comfort Food: Beans and Cornbread

  1. Love beans & cornbread! However, I grew up on *fried* cornbread & can rarely tolerate the baked stuff.

  2. Oooh I remember from time to time we had what we called ‘johnny cakes’, crispy fried corn bread cakes–those ROCKED. I’d almost forgotten–thanks 🙂

    If you do the cornbread as I do in the skillet, with the oil preheated, the edges are fabulously crispy. Now I’m going to have to have a johnny cake soon 😉


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