‘I’ll tell you how the sun rose…a ribbon at a time…’ ~ Emily Dickinson

...this is actually sunset, but you get the idea--I love sunshine.

It’s no secret that I love sunshine and feel its warmth is the very essence of my well being. I soak up sunrise, sunset, every ray. When it’s too hot or c-o-l-d out, I have certain sunny spots in my house I seek out for my fix. Woe unto the person or cat who happens to be in my spot. (said in scary ghost voice www-ooooooeee) *ahem* Unless they share, o’course.

So when I decided to start moving more–ya know writers sit, we sit ALOT–I started back to walking often and such, I wanted to stretch as well. I could just feel m’body gettin’ a bit stiff lately. I AM 40 after all–while it sure ain’t old, it brings a bit o’ stiffness apparently. Who knew–and why didn’t you share?!?

how CUTE is this?!?

So one day I thought I’d surf a few yoga poses online, not that I was gonna get all into that yogity bizness, but the stretches looked up my alley. And I saw this yoga set/routine/sessionthing called ‘Sun Salutations’. Being the sunshine lover that I am, that name alone was attention getting.  I checked it out–click here, it’s got cute drawings–and lo’ n behold I liked it. I’ve been doing my sun salutations most days and I tell ya, folks, it limbers up the bod’. Yoga, yogity yo bizness  *shakin’ head* I know. 

2 thoughts on “Yoga?!?

  1. Dana,

    A few years back I had a yoga DVD for beginners and I LOVED it! It just brings a relaxation to your mind that is unexplainable. Being that I typically do not stick with things for long, I stopped yoga and started doing that Winsor Pilates. It’s all done on the floor and I would do the twenty minute DVD three times a week. Within a month I was noticing a difference in flexibility. After about two months I could actually touch my toes again! lol. But, after a while I just quit doing it. :/

    You’re right. Writers sit A LOT and incorporating at least twenty minutes every other day of either Pilates or Yoga will pay off in the long run! 🙂


  2. Flexibility is what I’m after, Crystal! After only a coupla weeks of this, I’m already seeing results–lovin’ it!

    Thank you so much for commenting 🙂


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