Gold Rush

**this post is brought to you by my love of butter, real…creamy…sweet…golden…buttaahh**

So it’s no secret that I’m a food lover. Not only do I like eating  food, I enjoy preparing food, learning new things about cooking and ingredients, I even like reading cookbooks. Yeah, I’m one o’ those.

Because of my Italian heritage and growing up in a home where Italian bread was a staple, good bread is a love o’ mine.The fresher the better–crispy outside, soft n fluffy inside–mmMM Italian bread rocks, especially fresh with a smear of sweet n creamy salted butter. *sigh mmMM*  

As a result of this love and the effort not to eat a loaf a day(ppfftt on that idea, really), I’ve begun to really, REALLY appreciate my moments of bread n butter. That–plus I just love my bread n butter– led me to seek out the absolute best bite or three of butter I possibly can put on my divine piece of bread.

All of that to say I’m on a butter quest. I’m asking every one I know, tweeting Food Network stars, stalking the sites of  food bloggers/writers and otherwise being a nuisance about butter. What I learn I shall share–once I’m finished testing and experimenting. I know. Oh the hardship of seeking sweet golden butter.

So tell me, have you discovered a  sweet, rich tasting butter? I’d love to hear about it!


3 thoughts on “Gold Rush

  1. MMMmmmmm Butter! I cannot cook without it most days, it just makes the food so much better. I LOVE the honey butter. I just whip reg butter and add honey and I am hoping to get a bread machine for Christmas.

  2. Mmmm butter on fresh, hot bread…
    I hope you get your breadmaker– I know we use mine a lot, especially during the cooler months.

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