The Inn at Angel Island by Thomas Kinkade

“…maybe a sign from above was not like a fortune cookie, predicting your future, but more like a marker in the road, an arrow pointing out a new direction, saying  ‘You can go this way if you choose. Didn’t you notice?’ ”

In the past, I have liked reading the novels written by Thomas Kinkade (yes, the ‘Painter of Light’, one and the same), so I was happy to see a new book that kicks off a new series. The Cape Light series from a few years ago was a good read, to my recollection. With that in mind, I had high hopes for this first book of a new series.

I am typically not a fan of what is labeled as ‘Christian fiction’ as I feel all too often the stories sound fake or preachy. While maybe these Kinkade novels are not classified as Christian fiction, they do have an element of faith and some characters do talk about God from time to time. It is subtle and quite perfectly placed, in my opinion.

I really enjoy this author and The Inn at Angel Island was no exception. I am eagerly awaiting the next book to see what happens on the island…how Liza fares…what role Daniel will play…Claire has my interest piqued—is she faithful and insightful and mystical all in one?

Looking forward to the next one in this series…

A BlackBerry Called JARVIS

Oh my BlackBerry how do I love thee, let me count the ways!
I’ve mentioned here before about how I am a BlackBerry junkie (specifically one named JARVIS), but just let me tell you why I adore this gadget o’ mine.
Things I Really, Really Like About My BlackBerry(in no particular order beyond following my random thoughts as I type):

*Multi-message media– meaning I can have fast access to emails, text messages, Facebook messages or status updates and even various messengers such as Yahoo and MSN if I were so inclined. I mostly use the text messaging and email, leaving Facebook stuff to the Facebook app. My messenger days have passed but my teenagers use them on their BlackBerrys.(BlackBerries??)
*Tether- with the purchase of a Tether app, I can now plug JARVIS into my laptop for instant Internet access just about anywhere. This is handy when my flaky-out-in-the-boonies broadband Internet connection acts up, especially when I’ve a deadline looming–or need a few moments of Zuma Blitz or PathWords ASAP. Priorities, ya know! I also found the Tether handy when traveling recently, I was able to finish up a deadline and submit it while riding shotgun down the interstate. Sweet.
*Otter Box Commuter Case- as seen in the picture above, this case simply a perfect fit, feels great, hampers nothing and protects on the many times rare occasions that JARVIS has gone a bit awol and hit the floor/ground. And it’s red. I love red.
*MemoPad- I use this core app (meaning it came on the device) daily, several times a day. I keep my grocery list there, my to-do list, writing bits n bobs…you name it. I set one of the convenience keys as the MemoPad and can open it with one click.
My teenage-writer son’s response to ‘What do you like best about your BlackBerry?’:

‘The MemoPad, WordToGo (Microsoft Word), my music, the fact that I can check my forums and…you know…everything else’
And there you have it, folks, just a few reasons why our family is a buncha BlackBerry junkies.