Sunshine and Daisies

A Sunday Salon Post

*sunshine and daisies* *sunshine and daisies*


This is my mantra in these long, dark, cold, snowy days of w-i-n-t-e-r.  Even some of us who are accused of being ridiculously happy and optimistic on a regular basis are getting rather worn down by the daily snowfalls and ice and cold.  Enough about that…  *sunshine and daisies…*

Reading lately has been a jump around endeavor for me, short stories, magazines, internet reading.  (See above paragraph and read between the lines for restlessness)  Jumping around, however, does not imply lack of engagement or enjoyment. I have read some great stuff!

One of the most intriguing and fun things I read this week was Joanne Harris’ TwitterTales—yep, stories done ‘live and free-range’ (her words) and Twitter. While some people might scoff at the cluttering of their beloved Twitter-stream, book junkies like myself (and most of you Sunday Saloners, I’d wager) find such to be completely enchanting.  I read this author’s story Chocolat a few years ago and enjoyed the magic enough to buy a copy to keep—those who know me know I only purchase books I have read from the library or a friend and become smitten with. Thanks to finding Ms. Harris on Twitter, I have sought out a few more of her stories via the library—why I didn’t before I’ve no idea—and am looking forward to reading them.

...they shall return...


As for other short story reads, I put Hemingway’s The First Forty Nine short story collection on my eReader. I’ve been reading one here and there as it strikes me. I know I’ve rambled on about my recent discovery and enthralled-ness(is that a word? let’s make it a word) of Hemingway’s short stories, but it has been so interesting and riveting to explore an author so many love or love to hate for myself for the first time.

I’m looking forward to stopping by more Sunday Salon posts today, Happy Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Sunshine and Daisies

  1. Thanks for the link to Joanne Harris’ Twitter stories. I’ve enjoyed her novels (especially Chocolat – did you know there’s a sequel?) so I’ll check that out.

    I love Jhumpa Lahiri’s short stories. And Alice Munroe.

    Wishing you strength as you endure the remainder of winter – may it be short!

  2. You’re most welcome, she seems like a fun lady.

    I’m thinking I might have read some of Jhumpa Lahiri’s stories and I know I’ve read some Alice Munro…exactly what or which I’m not sure of without looking!


  3. What a beautiful, cheery picture on a dreary winter day. I’m trying to learn to appreciate winter, and especially February, the worst month, but it’s a struggle. Thanks for stopping by my blog. TwitterTales sounds interesting.

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