Winter Day Joys

(I chose to process this wee collage in this gold sepia tone because it made me think of late day sunshine and yellowing book pages–two of my favorite things.)

That Husband o’ mine, our two teenagers and I whiled away time in a favorite bookstore today. We never, ever tire of browsing any bookstore. Each of us wandered about, showing one another our finds when we’d meet in the aisles. I chose a stack of magazines to browse and settled at a table with that Husband o’ mine and his newspapers. I love that I can browse magazines, buy a couple and browse many more. A nice way to spend a winter afternoon…

Sunday Salon Debut

I have browsed Sunday Salon book blogs for quite some time now, joining in here and there via comments and links to this blog space, but today is my first official ‘Sunday Salon’ post. The Salon had been full for some time until a recent Facebook page creation where now there is room for everyone.  C’mon by, take a look, join in if you’d like.

My latest reads are quite varied and eclectic. I’d say that’s how I am all the time except I do get on reading tangents of particular authors and subjects from time to time. This week’s page browses contained some good stories, some classics, some great websites and some light stuff…some new ventures, some old friends…a grand adventure, all.

*The Truth Is A Cave In The Black Mountains– a short story by Neil Gaiman. This was part of a wonderful fall into a magical rabbit hole of Internet browsing one morning. You know those? The ones where you’re surfing along and click after click leads you to new places full of interesting things? I don’t know how long I spent browsing Gaiman’s blog. As far as I know, I’d never read any of his work and am not sure how I ended up on the blog. I was taken by his tone or something on the blog and read pages and pages…I *love* it when that happens.

...dreaming of warm n sunny places...

*Rafferty’s Wife by Kay Hooper– while I have read some Kay Hooper books in the past and found them to be pretty good reads–the ones about psychic crime solvers, the titles escape me–but this one was more fluff. I liked the characters but the story wasn’t really present. Oddly enough, I’ll read the next one about one of the other characters to see if the story is better because I did like the characters.

*My sister recently sent me ‘Secrets Of A Fire King’ by Kim Edwards. I have been and am still enamored with short stories for some time and am looking forward to reading these.

*Again with the short stories, I downloaded John Grisham’s Ford County: Stories collection to my Sony eReader this morning. The title caught my attention first then the descriptions I read intrigued me.

*While Kyle Cassidy ‘s work is photography, I enjoyed his writing along with the photos. I wandered through ‘The Hive’ and  ‘Travel Diaries’ as well as his other work on the site.  This delightful journey was part of my magical rabbit hole fall earlier this week.

Mouse Clicks

The World Wide Web is a daily/hourly/moment by moment gift to be unwrapped for those who love to read–there is ALWAYS something interesting to read just a mouse click away. From silly jokes to informative articles to great blog posts about books, movies, kids, life…always something.

I decided to post about my mouse clicks of today.  Most days I click about the web off and on all day amid daily life stuff, amid writing and cooking and laundry and teenagers and Husband and…I’m a junkie like that.

From time to time, however, I purposely spend a chunk of time settled in on the couch–preferably basking in sunshine–with a drink and my trusty laptop(named Calypso, btw) and I really indulge…click and read, click and read and…repeat.

Here are some of the great things I’ve enjoyed reading today:

*A short story posted by Maeve Binchy entitled Wasting Time With People– this gracious lady is a wonderful, wonderful storyteller. I have loved every novel, her characters are so real and have so much depth. Her short stories that pop up on the website from time to time are very short and very rich. (The link will only link to the home page on Ms. Binchy’s site…click ‘Short Story’ from the left hand sidebar there…tis worth it.)

*Billy Coffey’s blog is always a good read and this post is no exception: Mall Walkers. Billy has debuted his first novel recently and I can’t wait to read it, for his blog posts always hold my interest.

*5-One-Size-Fits-All Spending Tips That Don’t Really Fit Everyone by Lindsey Knerl

*10 Fantastic Facts About Eggs– I love eggs…that’s all.

That’ll do for now…I’m still wandering about the net, reading this n that and enjoying my patch o’ sunshine this wintry morn. Hope your Friday is a great one!


Wonderful Ways of Reading and Latest Reads O’ Mine

Just look what Santa TOTALLY surprised me with this Christmas:

Yep, a Sony eReader!  The picture to the left is the sweet lit’l cover that came with it while the picture to the right is what’s found when the cover is opened. While I pondered if I wanted an eReader or not, the Santa in my life surprised me and boy do I LOVE it! This is a Sony PocketReader–no internet, no sound, nothin’ but good reading ahead. I have a laptop and a BlackBerry, all I want my eReader to do is let me read books. Santa SO scored on this one!

For me, the question has never, ever been ‘books OR eReader’. I love to read and I will take it any way I can. I love the feels and smells of my paper books and I enjoy the convenience and abilities of my eReader. Reading while eating is so easy–no book to hold open, just use one finger to press a button. This is a big deal for avid readers, is it not?!?


The picture to the right >>> over there is how I get my reading fixes these days–any and every way possible! I enjoy using Border’s mobile eReader app on my BlackBerry (have tried B&N and Kindle apps as well, Border’s wins for smoothness and ease).  Actually, that above mentioned perk goes beyond eating whilst reading, it’s great anytime.  I really like having several books handy when traveling or waiting whilst out and about. What a fantastic and wondrous world we’re living in!!

So, having all my reading opportunities in place and always at my fingertips, what have I been reading?

*How To Bake A Perfect Life by Barbara O’Neal– Even if you are not a baker or ever intend to bake, this is simply a good story–an enjoyable story. The characters are believable and likable, I turned pages wanting to know more. I hope to see these characters again in further stories.

*Chasing The Night by Iris Johansen– I have enjoyed reading Ms. Johansen for quite some time now. I like her Eve Duncan and Joe Quinn characters–including Jane and Trevor(both of whom were not in this book but I hope will have another appearance soon).

*The Fiery Cross and A Breath Of Snow And Ashes by Diana Gabaldon– I have loved the Outlander series of books by this lady from the very first one and have read all of them thus far. These books were the first ever novels that I wanted to re-read in bits and pieces, just stroll through and visit friends from time to time. I think that is perhaps the best feeling a reader can have about characters. I have never in my entire 40 years–and I’ve been reading voraciously as long as I can remember–wanted to just pick pages to re-read in a book before this series came along.

I hope you’re finding great reads that bring you comfort, excitement, peace, laughs…whatever it is you seek at the time!

~Happy Reading!