Well…Hello Digital Books…

I’m one of those avowed book lovers who swears that no ‘puter screen or eReader could ever fill the shoes a good book in my hand can. I love the textures, the smells, turning pages…yep, in my hand.

That being said…recent snow (and more snow)falling from the sky and drifting on my driveway and making roads dangerous has a way of deterring me from any desire to venture away from home to my beloved library. Enter my first ebook<<<stage left. Desperate for something new to read, I went to the newly launched, shiny Google Ebooks site, clicked on a free Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and…the rest is history.

I now believe avowed book lovers like myself who love the very smell of books–the older the better–can surely also be ones who love to read, whatever the medium. That, rather than detracting from my love of books and/or my experience, digital formats are merely another tool in my toolbox.

Whether or not I will ever buy an eReader remains to be seen but my BlackBerry (JARVIS) and my laptop(Calypso) both have brought digital books into my life. And what a wonderful life it is!

**Let it be noted that until the above mentioned click, this reader had never ventured into a Sherlock Holmes story on paper–well, in a book…I mean, had never read a Sherlock Holmes story firsthand, I should say. While I shall save details for another post, suffice it to say that only pages(clicks)into this book, I am a new fan.**

Random Ramblings

*I made this last night. My family had two words to say…’oh…yum’.

*I read SO much good stuff yesterday–and every single word of it online. Thank you for technology–amen. Here are a few of them:

  • Locusts and Wild Honey is a blog I stumbled upon this weekend during a marathon couch session of internet surfin’. All I can say is, this girl has a great writing voice–her posts were purely enjoyable for me. No lectures on how to do this or that, no enlightenment advice(don’t get me wrong, all of that has it’s place), just great posts about life and lots of laughs as well.

*My BlackBerry’s name is JARVIS.(ya know…Ironman? Tony Stark?) What, you don’t name your electronics?!?

*I am going to eat the above mentioned chicken and noodles for breakfast this morn.

*I am going to sit on the couch in my patch of sunshine and eat the above mentioned chicken and noodles for breakfast this morn–all the while ignoring that it is freakin’ ass freezin’ S-E-V-E-N degrees outside…lalala…

I Want to Love It…But…

...sunshine...books...what could be better?? (says she from the land of snowy days)

Have you ever heard about or read about an author that you just KNEW you’d love their work? You liked what you have read about them or a snippet of their work so much that you just knew you HAD to read a book they’d written RIGHT NOW?  For most of us book junkies, that has happened countless times. Today I want to tell you about this particular one.

Sometime recently I was reading an online interview where an author (my noggin is not calling forth the name of exactly who this particular one was…) referred to Gabriel Garcia Marquez and how one of his novels was a lifetime favorite since read at age 13 or so. This author described the book, the feelings it evoked so vividly that I had to find that book NOW.  That book was One Hundred Years of Solitude.

I am of a curious and obsessive sort when I get on a tangent about something. (I can just hear that Husband o’ mine snort ‘ya think?!?’) So I went to the library and checked out the above mentioned book as well as couple of other books by Mr. Marquez. (Love in the Time of Cholera was one.) The first thing I read was a foreword  the author himself had written–some comments about the collection of short stories I held in my hand, observations about life and his perceptions and thoughts at the time. The book of short stories was called Strange Pilgrims. The foreword was conversational and entertaining. I wanted to meet this man, much less read his work.

Even with such a like for the author himself, I could not get into either of the above mentioned novels and thus gave up at the time–for I do not ‘press on’ through books that don’t grab my attention and make turning the pages enjoyable for me. Life is far too short for that. The collection of short stories left me more puzzled than anything…I read several of them, but not all.

All of that being said, I must find a copy of that foreword and share why I like the man. I so want to find a short story or excerpt of his work that I like. While I won’t plow through books that don’t grab me to find it, I will search the World Wide Web for notable quotes or excerpts and hope I find one upon which to hang my hat of admiration. If not ~shrug~ I still like Gabriel Garcia Marquez…