Prayers For Sale: I Read It

Prayers For Sale by Sandra Dallas proved, yet again, that this writer is a wonderful story teller. I have read several of her books and have enjoyed every single one.

Such depth of characters and history weaves a colorful, rich tapestry of a story that highlights the strength and courage of mountain women living in mining towns way back when. I wanted to sit and listen to Hennie’s stories, to talk the woman who faced such tragedy and hardship and went forth to be grateful for her blessings and even to forgive the one who caused a deep terrible, life changing sorrow. When a book makes the character that real, it’s magical!

This post is participating in ‘I Read It’ over at 5 Minutes For Books–and thanks to my beloved Google Reader and the ability to ‘star’ posts, I can recall that I first saw this title when Lisa posted her review over there. I had completely forgotten about her post–as the book title languished amongst my many pages/scraps/snippets of paper scribbled with book titles and author names–and then on a library trip recently I randomly picked up this title, thinking it sounded great. My brain must have filed away the fact that I had wanted to read it!

If you’re in the mood for story-telling, for sittin’ with a friend and listening to life experiences spun so eloquently, give this book a look–tis perfect for such!


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  1. I’ve been wanting to read this one. I gave my mother-in-law a copy for Christmas this past year and she loved it. I guess it’s time I read it!

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