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Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about movies based on books…(click over n see what others have to say–join in if you like!)

What happens when you see a movie based on a book/story, especially one you’ve not read? Do you feel the need to track it down and read it?

If I really, really like a movie, I used to hesitate to mess with a good thing by reading the book…yet I’ve found that I often can’t help myself and give it a go anyway. I’ve learned that there is often so much more in the book version and in a good story–movie or book–I always want more!  Nowadays it seems that if I go after more, it is often far more than just the book version–it might be more about the topic, the character, the time period, the location, the language…wonderfully wild trails, so much to learn!

To further ramble on this topic, because rambling is an apparent passion of mine now and again… In the past, if I liked a movie I didn’t read the book and vice versa–if I liked a book I didn’t see the movie…that has somehow evolved and changed for me.  There are exceptions however…  For example, with Harry Potter I’m a movie fan and haven’t really been pulled into the books like my teenage son has. Same goes for the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy for me–give me the movie any day. The boy disagrees, he says there’s so much more detail in the books and I’m missin’ out.

From the other perspective, I loved The Time Traveler’s Wife book(which I read eons ago, long before the movie) and I loved the movie–even though I do think there was sooo much more detail in the book. I liked The Horse Whisperer book(which I read after I saw the movie) better than the movie version, but yet the movie was good enough. I know there are tons more examples, but those popped to the front of my mind first.

My teenage girlie says that with the Twilight saga, the books were great and she loved the movies, but if the books hadn’t been first for her, she thinks the movies would not have been quite as enjoyable. Knowing ‘the rest of the story’ made the movie a good embellishment–adding pictures per se— to the book version of the saga. I found that interesting…and I agreed, even.

What a musing for this Monday!

4 thoughts on “May’s Third Performance Of Monday

  1. That interesting that you prefer the harry Potter movies over the books. I love the books and the movies just don’t quite capture the whole story for me. Great answer though. (Although I can’t do the lord of the rings neither the books or the movies I’ve tried).

  2. My sons can’t believe I have no desire to read the Harry Potter books after seeing the movies as well. They keep encouraging me to read Lord of The Rings, which I intend to do one of these days. I loved The Horse Whisperer and was leary about the movie but agree it was good enough.

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