May Kid’s Picks: Teenager Style

Today is Kid’s Picks over at 5 Minutes For Books, where folks post about what their kiddos are reading lately–check it out!

Let’s see what pages my teenagers have been turning as of late:

The girlie(15) is currently smitten with the Vampire Kisses series by  Ellen Schreiber. There are eight books in this series thus far–the most recent one being released this very day. She finished number seven yesterday and is eagerly awaiting the mail carrier today.

I know there are many folks out there with reservations on vampire stories and my response to that is here. She loves fantasy and knows what fantasy is. I love the fact that she devours pages and comes chatting to me about them–and then puts her latest conquest atop my own current read, ‘you gotta read this’.

The boy(17) is toting around several books on writing science fiction. He’s also reading Tom Sawyer and several Star Wars novels–he really likes those n has quite a collection.

This is the one who just recently asked me ‘so you know about Hemingway, right?’ Yes, I had to laugh. We haven’t been to the library this week to pick him up some Hemingway…I’m thinking he’d like A Farewell To Arms or The Sun Also Rises most of all–we’ll see. I myself had never read any Hemingway–beyond excerpts and quotes–until recently. More to follow on that sometime.

~Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “May Kid’s Picks: Teenager Style

  1. Thanks Dana! I agree about fantasy. I mean, all these people who avoid Harry Potter don’t exclude Wizard of Oz, do they? No, they usually do not.

    However — I am still not “allowing” my almost-12 year old to read Twilight, because of the romance, not the blood-sucking. I think it’s just too intense. And actually, I asked her the other day if she still wanted to read them, and she said “no.” I don’t know if she believes me that she’s not ready, or if she’s telling me what I want to hear, or if she doesn’t care because people aren’t talking about them anymore.

  2. it’s a good thing you heard of that Hemingway, right? 🙂

    My son asked me not too long ago, when I said something about Mark Twain, “Oh, Twain? Yeah, I’ve heard good things about that guy.” Gotta love it.

    Happy reading!

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