What’s On Your Nightstand–March Madness version

Tis time yet again for another ‘What’s On Your Nightstand’ go ’round with those over at 5 Minutes For Books. I  know I have said it before and I am certain I will say it again in the future, I have SO enjoyed participating in such great book talk!

I mentioned a few books in my TBR stacks in a post yesterday, but I’ve plenty more titles to share today–I’m on a roll with stacking up the good books from the library lately. I have read some worth buying for my own shelves, and that’s saying alot in that I don’t buy books unless they’re worthy of marking passages in!

Here’s my currently reading/will be reading soon list…so many that I’m excited about!

*Strange Pilgrims- A short story collection by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I stumbled on this one when I went in search of “One Hundred Years of Solitude’ after reading an author interview featuring Nicole Krauss where she mentioned it. I’ve much to say about Nicole Krauss and her novel ‘The History of Love’…soon. Some things take awhile to pull together and form a proper description or expression of the thoughts, ya know? This is one of several circumstances lately where I’ve found myself reading a bit about authors and really enjoying them–Nicole Krauss then, subsequently, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

*Love Walked In by Marisa De Los Santos

*The Keep by Jennifer Egan– Having just finished reading ‘The Invisible Circus’ by this same author, I’ve high expectations for ‘The Keep’.

*When Will There Be Good News by Kate Atkinson

*Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury–To date, I have never read any Bradbury that I recall.  My teenage son brought up Bradbury for some reason recently, checking out a book of short stories and this one that has now made it to my pile.

*Brother I’m Dying- Edwidge Danticat— I had already put this one on my list when I recently read an article by Ms. Danticat in The New Yorker magazine. Just that article alone further encouraged me to check out the book I’d seen mentioned several times.

This list, coupled with yesterday’s list, comprise what I am joyfully diving into around here. I’m so excited about many of these, so much so that I am merely listing on paper any other new ideas  I run across and avoiding the library for a bit *gasp*–otherwise I end up stacking and stacking and taking forever to get around to books. These have me too excited to lose track of them!

I’m off to see what everyone else’s stacks are like–always looking for more to add to the list, ya know!

5 thoughts on “What’s On Your Nightstand–March Madness version

  1. I agree with you—I rarely buy a book unless I know it’s going to be worth marking up. I’m all about the library. Enjoy reading this month!

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