Rainwater by Sandra Brown

The fact that I read this book from start to finish in one sitting has very little to do with that it is only 245 pages in length, for the pages turned effortlessly as I was drawn into the story of David Rainwater and Ella Barron. The story of a man, a woman, a boy… The story of kindness, of racial tensions and misunderstood ways, of getting by day by day in the tough times of 1934, of changing times yet the enduring resilience of human nature.

The author’s own true ‘behind the book’ story was so intriguing to me–even though I found it after having read the book.  All great stories spring from a root of truth… the more truth, the better the story. The main characters are believable and real, the kind of characters that you cannot help but like and wonder what happens next.

Both the ‘behind the book’ and the ‘about the book’ writings on the author’s website are good hooks, go take a look and let yourself be reeled in…tis a good story, a good read.

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