Food Talk…Yum.

I always do a menu plan around here, I just don’t always do a menu plan post…but it appears that I will be doing just that today, as my typing fingers got all busy with it. Sometimes I like it when they have a mind of their own!

I’m just a wife n momma who likes to cook–not loves, likes. I get so excited when I make something that’s a delicious hit.

Yesterday I did a pork roast in the crockpot that was just fantastic…butter tender with a sauce that had just enough wang…yum. Recipe, you ask? Well…that’s where I have to say “I’ll work on that”. This was one of those times where I took a recipe, left out this, added that and scored–ya know, I just love it when that happens!  We loved it so much that I quickly repeated the process with another pork roast to have on hand, since the first one was fairly small and is long gone.

*pork roast, rice, green beans, cornbread or biscuits…maybe sandwiches on a ciabatta roll or bun…we’ll see…

*breakfast for supper–biscuits n gravy n sausage n eggs

*chicken stir fry with rice

*fried chicken cutlets on biscuits…chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, a bit o’ gravy on a homemade biscuit…oh my… This is inspired by a ‘Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives’ episode the girlie and I saw over the weekend…mercy me. We need to think of a name for it, yes we do.  (We’ll toss in a salad here if we’ve room after those biscuits mmMM!)

Only four meals thought out this week as Friday we’ll be eating out n about and I haven’t thought much past that!

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