Brava, Valentine

This second novel featuring the Roncalli and Angelini custom shoemaker families did not disappoint my expectation that it would be rich in humor, full of color and abiding family ties. I have a big Italian family of my own, therefore  such comments as ‘Why does this family always have to yell?’, and words like ‘whisper-shouts’ bring a shout of laughter and make perfect sense to me!

I can always rely on Trigiani books for a light, fun read–the characters, the locations, the author’s descriptiveness and humor…they add up to a good story every time.  In this particular book, the grand dame of the family, Teodora, is (among many things) a life-long Sinatra fan.  As a nod to that love, each chapter title is a title taken from a Frank Sinatra tune–isn’t that neat? A fetching quirk to the book…I liked it.

There were several words/phrases that particularly caught my eye whilst reading…like midnight blue ink and ‘unspool like a long, endless ribbon’ or ‘glorious Italian script’ and ‘buttery fresh biscuit’…to name just a few. Such words or turns of phrases were common in this book, all evoking rich and colorful images for the reader.

Valentine’s quest for a fulfilling life–in creative pursuits, in her work and in love–brings about some self-discovery as well as the realization that without putting true love first, the rest really doesn’t measure up to fill one’s soul.

‘The only urgent thing in life is the pursuit of love. You get that one right and you’ve solved the mystery’– June Lawton in Brava, Valentine

A good read, give it a look sometime soon!


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  1. I LOVE Adriana Trigiani’s books. Thanks for this review. It’s a great reminder that I must run out and read this newest book. Isn’t she a wonderful author? 🙂

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